English to Japanese Live Interpretation Professional Colton Burner

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I am 21 years old, and I lived in Japan for 2 years as a missionary. I have translated for large weekly meetings and conferences. I was out on the streets from 10:30AM all the way until 10:30PM talking to many different kinds of people ranging from doctors to scientists, to engineers. I also have done lots of trainings, and speeches all in the Japanese language. I can read and write Kanji, but my reading is much better than my writing. I also know tons about Japanese culture having lived in over 6 different areas in japan over 2 years, which means that I am skilled in over 6 different "bens" or I guess what we say in English, (dialects) in the Japanese language. I have lived in Ehime-Ken, Imabari-Shi. Hyogo-Ken, Nishinomiya-Shi. Nara-Ken, Nara-Shi. Osaka-Fu, Hirakata-Shi. Tottori-Ken, Tottori-Shi. and Okayama-Ken, Kurashiki-Shi. I can help you out any way that you need!




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