English to Russian Translation Professional Emil Iskandarov

Member since April 05, 2017

Welcome aboard! Let me introduce myself once again.

I am a Russian native speaker and qualified English-Russian translator (master's degree, majoring in translation and simultaneous interpreting) with more than 8 years of experience. I am completely fluent in both English and Russian.

As shown on my CV, I've been rendering translation/interpreting/proofreading services to AspanJet Airlines, Deutsche-Boerse (Prague, Czech Republic), Rahat Palace Hotel (former Hyatt Regency), World Intellectual Property Organization, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and many other well-known companies and organizations.

Despite my extensive experience in many different fields and areas, I always question myself, 'Does it sound and look natural in the target language?'

I do also provide transcription, transcreation, adaptation services.

I am available evenings and weekends. Should you need my assistance, feel free to know at my window whenever you deem it necessary.





Master's degree diploma (obtained in 2012)