English to French Translation Professional Gwenaelle Lefeuvre

Member since October 13, 2014

My name is Gwenaelle Lefeuvre. I was born and educated in physics in France, where I obtained my PhD. Since 2007 I have lived and worked in the USA and in the UK. I have a strong focus on experimental particle physics: I worked on cosmic ray physics, collider physics and neutrino physics in underground laboratories. Since 2013 my career has evolved into the semiconductor industry : I am a Research and Development Manager in charge of Diamond Detectors manufacturing.

I have taught physics classes for several years in English and in French, and have supervised several foreign students. I am fully bilingual in scientific and technical English and French, and I would name the following as my areas of expertise:

- sensors and instruments

- semiconductors

- electronics, data acquisition

- measurement and calibration

- optics and spectroscopy

- nuclear and particle physics, energy

- astronomy and astrophysics




Doctorate Degree