English to English Transcription Professional Ivan Tomic

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Dear, In 2008, I was accepted to the Technical Academy Serbia, majoring in technical service - module combat vehicles (which of course includes wheeled vehicles, tracked or internal combustion engines), I completed it in 2012. I have 28.years old, I was born in Vranje 01.08.1988.godine currently a place of service to me and Nis. Home was my duty to place technologists for maintenance vehicles and weapons and 2013 that I became the commander of the same workshop light outage. I want to work in your company.

Then, in 2015 I moved to a higher position in the in charge of the supply and maintenance of the Group's logistics and currently doing and Acting Chief Logistics Group. Of course I have a natural course for procurement officers - certificate (EUbuild) ECDL - normally at the academy yet done what is meant. From the language I know English and Russian for which I have a certificate. Both languages I learned from an early age.

Treanslating is my favourite job. So we organizations and contacts and the application of agreements with companies going out very well. I attracted the organization of work, people, contacts. Also, translation know perfectly. And my favourite sport is volleyball which I played earlier.

With respect,

Ivan Tomić, Graduated Mechanical Engeneer