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Dear, In 2008, I was accepted to the Technical Academy Serbia, majoring in technical service - module combat vehicles (which of course includes wheeled vehicles, tracked or internal combustion engines), I completed it in 2012. I have 28.years old, I was born in Vranje 01.08.1988.godine currently a place of service to me and Nis. Home was my duty to place technologists for maintenance vehicles and weapons and 2013 that I became the commander of the same workshop light outage. I want to work in your company.

Then, in 2015 I moved to a higher position in the in charge of the supply and maintenance of the Group's logistics and currently doing and Acting Chief Logistics Group. Of course I have a natural course for procurement officers - certificate (EUbuild) ECDL - normally at the academy yet done what is meant. From the language I know English and Russian for which I have a certificate. Both languages I learned from an early age. I want work in your company.

Sequential orders, requisitions, accompanying the act, conduct software package vehicles, sending reports, analysis, traffic and transport, supply and maintenance and everything else in the field of logistics functions. Working with numbers of nomenclature for the parts of the vehicle in the software package with other data, a broader spectrum. I have also driver licence C category for trucks. So we organizations and contacts and the application of agreements with companies going out very well. I attracted the organization of work, people, contacts. Also, vehicles know perfectly well as equipping and maintenance and security of course. I would like to work in your company

With respect,

Ivan Tomić, Graduated Mechanical Engeneer