Portuguese (Brazil) to Portuguese (Brazil) Transcription Professional Rafael Quirino

Member since July 23, 2017

Accountant by formation, linguist at heart, I learned how to read and write at 3 years old and at 5 I was using an old and refurbished Remington typewriter to transcribe television news and quotes into paper. I like to travel without moving, around the word.



Chucklefish, Juvty Worlds, Portalarium Studios, Re-Logic, SCS Software, Valve Corporation. Dozens of independent mobile game and app developers and publishers.

• 80k~ words translated; App localization; game client/user interface localization; media kits and advertising transcreation; translation/localization of questlines and dialogues;

• Sprite/game art redesigning;

• Creation of glossaries of suitable terms for brazilian gaming standards; market researches and data mining;

• 30k~ quests and dialogue lines proofread;

• Dota 2, Half-Life franchise and Team Fortress official brazilian localizations; brazilian Steam client interface.


IBEROSTAR, Hilton, Othon and Sheraton international hotels & resorts; Gol and TAM brazilian airlines; Brazilian state governments and public agencies/bodies as Prefeitura do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro Town Hall); CESPO (Rio de Janeiro Sports Comission); SEELJE (Rio de Janeiro Sports, Recreation and Youth Comission). Various hostels and inns in Brazil, Portugal and Spain. International online shops and marketing campaigns targeted at brazilian audiences.

• Translation/transcreation of newsletters, handouts and promotional pamphlets addressed to hotel management business;

• 50k~ words translated from english and portuguese to other four different languages during 2014 FIFA World Cup and RIO 2016 Summer Olympics;

• Website translation and marketing transcreation.


Work for individual lawyers, small law firms and accounting offices.

• Paralegal services; drafting and translation of legal and financial contracts and documents;

• Interpreting of physical and virtual business meetings;

• 500~ legal and financial contracts and papers translated.


Portuguese (Brazil)


College Degree

• Federal University of Rio de Janeiro — UFRJ* ► BSc; Accounting & Finance ♦ Major GPA 3.52 • Federal University of Rio de Janeiro — UFRJ* ► BA; Laws * #3 Brazil, #25 BRICKS, #284 World — QS University Ranks, 2013, 2015 and 2016.