English to Japanese Live Interpretation Professional Robert T. Blumenthal

Member since May 08, 2013

Robert Blumenthal has a graduate and Masters in Music. He began his interests in learning at an early age with hungarian as his family comes from Hungary. His interests also included spanish being around many Spanish speaking people in his home town in New York. From there he was invited to visit a Korean Church where most of the children spoke English amd Korean as well and there parents speaking very minimal English. Of course his main interest is in music and because of this deep interest and talent he was invited to play for the PMF Summer Music festival in Japan which began his time in Japan. Although he returned after the festival was finished he later again returned to Japan to teach English all the while studying hard to speak Japanese as close to fluency as possible. He is self tought. But he also has much thanks to give to his loving and supportive wife Currently he is studying the book Kokoro by Natsume Souseki. Recently, he is also working hard to gain fluency in Korean.