Spanish (Latin America) to English Transcription Professional Rodolfo Correa Avila

Member since July 14, 2015

--Father of six bilingual children. Have been speaking, writing, reading and editing in Spanish and English for over 30 years. Speak, read and write in both languages pretty much daily with my personal family and an array of friends and co-workers. Regularly meet with people with whom I speak both languages. Network and exchange with very talented and professional translators from Spain, Colombia, Perú and México.

--Ability to resolve conflicts


--Determination to learn and keep developing professionally and personally

--Great desire and passion for growth and contribution

--Can handle deadlines, pressure and like to work hard

--Experience translating and recording voice-over and subtitling.

--Transcribe Spanish and English.

--Developed a team for Subtitling in the last year.

In November 2015 I worked in a project for six months and developed expertise translating Telecommunications and Engineering texts. I also did legal translations--interviews, contracts. My other preferred topics: Human Relations, Coaching, Music and Religion.

I lived 8 years in Brazil so I understand Portuguese well and thus can translate it into Spanish and English.




High School