English to Hungarian Translation Professional Roland Márk Nagy

Member since September 13, 2017

I was born in Debrecen, Hungary in '92.

I have been learning English language since 2001. In primary school I really liked English, I always got grade 5 (the highest) every year.

I started Secondary School in 2007, where I attended a "language-preparing" class so I had fifteen English classes per week during the frist two semesters. These classes consisted of knowledge about English literaure, grammar and lecturing, face-to-face chatting with native speakers.

I graduated in 2012, got 90%+ overall score to my English final exam. (scored 136 points out of 150)

Using English is in my everyday activities ever since, I consume electronic media contents mostly in English to keep my knowledge fresh. I translate music lyrics from English to Hungarian in my free time on musixmatch.com. Recently I reached the milestone of over 1500 translated lines.

Currently I'm unemployed, I'm preparing to get a Type C Language Certificate.




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