English to Italian Translation Professional Serena Bartolucci

Member since December 15, 2016

I was born in 1973 in Italy and have been studying and practicing English both in Italy and the UK since the age of 10. I graduated in Oriental Languages at the University of Venice, Italy and English was among the main subjects. Most of the text books and dictionaries were in/into English. I have lived and worked in Bangladesh for a year. I have been living and working in London, UK for over 8 years. I am well traveled and entertain relationships with people from all around the world. My partner is Australian. I have gained experience in writing/translating a variety of texts including official documents (government, court, police) and narrative. I have an innate attraction to languages and am passionate about translating. I love coming into contact with other cultures.




College Degree

1999 - Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) 1998 - University Degree in Oriental Languages