VerbalizeIt Android App!

The VerbalizeIt iPhone application has been in the app store for some time now and we’re happy to announce that it’s Android cousin is now LIVE!!!

Android users can now use the VerbalizeIt application to instantly connect to a live human translator.


VerbalizeIt: Human-Powered Universal Translator

Worried about facing the language barrier during your next overseas trip or in your everyday business or personal conversations? Or do you simply want to learn a second language? Welcome to VerbalizeIt- the world’s most affordable human-powered universal translator! Never again does language need to be a barrier in any conversation.

VerbalizeIt turns your Android device into a human translator! Instantly speak another language by connecting to human translators who can communicate on your behalf. Simply select the language pair you need help with and click “Translate!”, and you are instantly connected to one of thousands of translators around the world. Put your phone on speaker, start talking, and hear your words in another language spoken by your personal translator!

Who are VerbalizeIt translators? These are students, stay at home parents, retirees- people around the world who speak multiple languages and have a passion for helping others. So when you use VerbalizeIt, not only do you get amazing translations, you also help create job opportunities around the world!


• Instantly connect to real human translators
• Try five minutes of free translation between English and Spanish
• Upgrade your plan to translate between English and Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, French and Hindi! More languages coming soon
• VerbalizeIt translations can be done over either voice or data (3G/ Wi-Fi) networks! Switch between voice and data with the flip of a button to minimize charges while overseas

Twiliocon 2012

Last week, part of the VerbalizeIt team jetted off to San Francisco to attend Twiliocon 2012. As you can imagine, connecting our customers to live human translators across the world involves quite a bit of telephony, and we were eager to hear from Twilio about their latest offerings. We were also very excited to connect with developers to discuss ways in which the VerbalizeIt API can intergrate with Twilio.

Zach, one VerbalizeIt’s awesome developers, had this to say about the conference:

“Twilio is all about making their services available to everyone, and this was very apparent. They had a great crowd. Developers mostly stuck to workshops on how to use Twilio, ranging from basic calls to advanced features and new tools. Other talks and workshops were more fun (Hustling for Hackers), generally technical (API-driven development from Heroku), or startup focused (closing keynote from Dave McClure).

The keynotes were awesome. On Wednesday, the opened some garage bay doors to a giant auditorium with sexy lighting and huge red/white posters of people who’ve contributed to society via Twilio along the walls. The CEO Jeff came on to Smashing Pumpkins, and dropped a whole bunch of new features (call stats, SIP, WebRTC) and some usage metrics graphs that had a pretty close resemblance to a hockey stick.

A lot of the people that stopped by the VerbalizeIt booth were nontechnical, and many expressed a real need for live interpretation (customer support was a big one) or accurate transcription.

The Hackathon was pretty cool- played around for a bit (started a phone-based Reddit reader) but didn’t stay until the end. Met some cool developers from around the country.

Twilio definitely demonstrates how to have a ‘developer platform’- unbelievably easy and fun.”

We can’t thank Twilio enough for hosting their Twiliocon Conference this year; our team learned so much & we’re excited to implement our findings into the VerbalizeIt platform. Until next year’s conference!

Hear How TextUs.Biz Uses VerbalizeIt to Connect with International Customers

TextUs.Biz is a Boulder Colorado-based company that provides a robust browser and mobile application-based text messaging platform.

After seeing VerbalizeIt’s Techstars Demo Day presentation, TextUs.Biz began using the VerbalizeIt iPhone application to converse with potential international customers.

Below is an excerpt from a REAL VerbalizeIt call between TextUs.Biz co-founder Ted Guggenheim and a Spanish-speaking potential customer with a VerbalizeIt interpreter facilitating the conversation (call audio used with permission):

It’s easy to see (and hear) how utilizing VerbalizeIt can help you effortlessly expand your customer base internationally.
When asked if he would recommend VerbalizeIt to other businesses, Ted offered a quick, “Absolutely…Big fan.” To learn more about how VerbalizeIt can help your business, visit

Best Oktoberfest Celebrations in the US – October 2012

October is finally here, which means pumpkins, apple cider, changing leaves and of course: Oktoberfest! Believe it or not, Oktoberfest, which was first held in 1810 as a wedding celebration in Bavaria, is now mostly celebrated in the middle to end of September, since the weather tends to be better during those weeks.

But don’t worry: There are still plenty of Oktoberfest celebrations to be had in the month of October, and if you haven’t been saving your shekels to fly to Munich, you can enjoy one of these top Oktoberfest celebrations in the United States.

And of course, when attending any Oktoberfest, don’t forget our free, mobile-friendly German Oktoberfest Language Guide, which will teach you how to order a beer, cheers, amuse your friends and flirt with the sexy, dirndl-clad ladies of Bavaria.

And now, your top 2012 Oktoberfest Celebrations in the United States taking place in October:

  • Big Bear Lake, California: On it’s 42nd year, the Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest, which claims fame to California’s #1 Okoberfest, has already kicked off and will be hosted every weekend until October 27th.
  • Fredericksburg, Texas: Boasting a rich German heritage, Fredericksburg’s bier-consuming celebration takes place from October 5th – October 7th, 2012.
  • Helen, Georgia: “Beer, brats, bands and lederhosen: The 42nd Annual Helen Oktoberfest has them all!” If you’re down in Georgia, be sure to check out this fest, running daily, now through October 28th.
  • La Crosse, Wisconsin: Dubbed “Oktoberfest USA”, La Crosse, WI celebrates its 52nd US-based Oktoberfest this year, running now until October 6th.
  • Lake Worth, Florida: Hosted by the German-American Club of Palm Beach, this Oktoberfest celebration has bands directly from Munich, two weekends of fun and a whole lot of beer.
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin: As the only Oktoberfest in downtown Milwaukee, hosted in Pere Marquette Park, this celebration kicks off on October 5th for two straight days.

Have another fest to add to our list? Email us and we’ll add it. Prost!