Five Things You Need to Know About the World’s First Human-Powered Translation App.

1. Translate between English and Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Arabic and Hindi on the fly, in real-time.

2. Find inspirational phrase through the “Need Inspiration” section and be ready to embrace a foreign culture. Everyone needs to know how to ask for direction, say hello, or simple find a bathroom.

3. Add minutes at the click of a button. Move from our “Sightseer” plan to our “Adventurer” plan to our “Explorer” plan at the click of a button. You can upgrade any time.

4. Refer as many friends as you want and earn five bonus minutes when they buy plans. It’s important to us that language is never a barrier to any conversation and we want to ensure no one is ever lost in translation.

5. Toggle between data and wi-fi. We know roaming charges can be expensive, that’s why we offer the flexibility to decide what works best for you.

VerbalizeIt 2.0 Hits the Shelves!

Big news at VerbalizeIt and you’re the first to hear! We’ve just released a brand new version of our app with twice as many languages, inspirational phrases, and the ability to see your human translator. Watch this video we made showing how the new app works. It’s pretty awesome (we’re just a little biased :) .

-The VerbalizeIt Team

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News: American Express Features VerbalizeIt as a Game Changer

Here’s what our co-founder and CEO Ryan Frankel had to say in the American Express Open Forum, “We are disrupting [the] translation industry by bringing refreshingly seamless technology solutions and access to a versatile global community of human translators to anyone in need of language translation solutions.” Read More

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Human Voices, Human Stories

We often talk about how we have more than 3,500 translators in the VerbalizeIt community. Each one of those translators is a human being (not a robot) with real stories and an ability to understand human interaction. Kerstin, speaks English, German, French and Spanish and worked in the hotel industry in her previous career. Meet Kerstin and hear about her VerbalizeIt experience here.

Are You Bi-lingual? Do You Have Hidden Talents? We’re Hiring! 

We are a dedicated team of coders, writers, leaders and dreamers. We think culture isn’t just part of the game, we think culture is the game.  Are you up for joining a growing team that’s providing jobs to thousands of people around the world? Let us know at

VerbalizeIt: Free to Start, Free to Follow

Signing up for VerbalizeIt is free and easy. It’s important to us that you never see language as a barrier to connecting with someone else. We’re giving away minutes to our followers on FacebookLinkedIn and Twitter. Follow along and get to know us.

The Power of People: Celebrating VerbalizeIt 2.0, The Human-Powered Translation App

This week we released version 2.0 of our app and we couldn’t be more proud. Our developers put in more hours than we can count and our entire community of translators helped shape what we believe is one awesome app. Most importantly we listened to you, our users, and took action on the feedback you gave us.

We now offer real-time human translation between English and Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Arabic and Hindi. We also added in an “Inspiration” section so that our translators can personally teach useful phrases for global travel, insuring all intonation and cultural references are accurate. Phrases include: “Hi, my name is…”, “This is delicious…”, “Do you know where this is…” and of course, “Which way to the bathroom?” (a human necessity).

Emotions, local customs and terminology are the characteristics that matter most in global translation. Computer solutions overlook the most important fact in a global economy—humans still matter. With the release of version 2.0, VerbalizeIt reinforces the power of the human element in delivering the ultimate translation solutions.

The truth is our app is truly just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to supporting travel aspirations, we’re empowering businesses with the ability to capitalize on opportunities abroad and to better serve their existing international clientele through a host of interpretation and translation solutions including text, audio and video translation.

There are so many great things happening here at VerbalizeIt that we need to remind ourselves to step back and thank our team and our thousands of translators around the world for making it all happen.

Here’s to the future ahead.


Ryan Frankel is CEO and Co-Founder of VerbalizeIt. You can follow him on Twitter @rvfrankel and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Meet Kerstin: VerbalizeIt’s Featured French, German and Spanish Translator

Our community is real. It is full of real people working in real time towards one real goal; breaking down language barriers. We routinely interview some of our best translators and longest standing community members who truly understand the nuances of human interpretation. This week Damla, our awesome Community Manager, interviewed Kerstin.

Damla: We’d love to hear a little bit about your professional and personal background, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Kerstin: Surely! I am a professional freelance translator and mainly translate texts from French (and sometimes also English) into my mother tongue: German, but I also speak Spanish.

Damla: It sounds like you keep very busy, how did you get involved in this line of work?
Kerstin: Due to my professional experience in the hotel industry (I have been working for several luxury hotels in Paris, France), I’m a real expert for everything related to the travel and tourism industries.

Damla: One last question, what makes VerbalizeIt a good fit for you?
Kerstin: I have always been fascinated with languages. VerbalizeIt seems to be a perfect opportunity to use my translation skills with my service skills. Having been a member of a highly customer-oriented hotel reservation service for several years, I have a keen ear for customer needs.

We often talk about how we have more than 3,500 translators in the VerbalizeIt community who live in more than 75 different countries and collectively speak more than 60 languages. Each one of those translators is a human being (not a robot) with real stories and an ability to understand human interaction. Join us on Facebook to read more Translator Stories.