VerbalizeIt’s Newsletter: One Highflying Partner + A Gift From Our Team

We’re excited by how many of you are now part of our community and this newsletter is a celebration of sorts. We’re announcing the winner of the #FoundinTranslation campaign, linking out to The Connectivist, and revealing a major new partnership (see below, hint: the partnership has wings).

As always, thanks for helping us break language barriers.

-The VerbalizeIt Team

We’re Joining Forces with American Airlines!

American Airlines And Verbalize It (350x187)

We’re thrilled to launch a new partnership with American Airlines to offer business and leisure travelers access to VerbalizeIt’s human interpreters via their mobile phones. We’re providing VerbalizeIt to leisure travelers looking to enjoy their vacation experience and to business travelers conducting global business. Check out the partnership and claim your free month of VerbalizeIt using the AA coupon!

Breaking The Language Barrier: Technology Is The Great Equalizer

The Connectivist (284x92)

“Dial-up translation services aren’t new; for example, Language Line Solutions, which connects people to translators at its call centers, has been around for 30 years. But VerbalizeIt is different because its translators are spread across the world and a computer algorithm routes each call to the most qualified translator available at the time.” Read the rest of our write up in The Connectivist.

Trip Doctor: Top Translation Apps

Travel Leisure (350x128)

We were featured in Travel and Leisure Magazine as the “Best [App] For Longer Conversation.” Here’s what they had to say about us, “Wish you had a native speaker in your pocket? With Verbalizeit, you can locate and call a live translator with the push of a button—ideal for technical conversations, such as seeing a doctor abroad.” Read the full article and see which apps the Trip Doctor is recommending for travel here.

Travel Much? Read Much? VerbalizeIt Partners with WebFlakes

Webflakes (350x263)

We’re proud to announce our newest partner: Webflakes, an innovative online destination for English readers to discover the greatest and latest in international lifestyle content from around the globe. Learn more about our partnership and how we’re continuing the #FoundinTranslation campaign here.

VerbalizeIt Translates ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance into Success

Ryan Frankel And Kunal Sarda On Shark Tank (1) (350x208)

“When I last spoke to Ryan Frankel, CEO of VerbalizeIt, he was fresh off his victory as the audience winner of Startup Camp 7. In the past six months or so, business has been booming for the crowdsourced translation company.” Read the rest of Rich Steeves’ interview with our co-founder and CEO.

And the #FoundinTranslation Campaign Winner is…

Fit (1) (350x263)

Six weeks, hundreds of photos, and thousands of votes later, we’re proud to announce the winner of the #FoundinTranslation campaign.

With more than 250 votes, Caleb Caple’s photo of Genoa, Italy is our winning submission! Congratulations Caleb, we look forward to hearing all about your trip to Italy!

Meet Nandini: VerbalizeIt’s featured German to English Interpreter

Screen Shot 2013 06 03 At 12.21.52 Pm (350x192)

We’re spotlighting Nandini Pande, a native Indian who has lived in the United States and Switzerland. Here’s a snippet from her interview with our Community Manager, “I was born in India and brought up all across the country, even in the most remote parts of the country – untraceable even on the most detailed political map! My traveling continued after I got married, as my husband’s job took us to the United States and Switzerland. I hold a Master of Science degree in Microbiology.” Read on

We’re Hiring: Join Our Team

At VerbalizeIt our mission is to enables better universal communication. That’s it plain and simple. Communication is an essential aspect of life, and language barriers should never be an impediment to quality communication. We use our technology platform to connect those in need of translation with a global community of human translators.

We believe in three things (okay maybe a few more but this is a blog ☺)

  1. We believe human matters. By allowing technology to enable human-to-human connection, we make life easier.
  2. We believe process matters. When you make something, it should be simple, clean, transparent, and impactful. We eliminate language barriers through our translation solutions so you don’t have to.
  3. We believe diversity matters. We accept the different facets of language and culture and build bridges across them to reach a common ground where cultural diversity is a competitive advantage. 

Here are just a few of the benefits of joining our community:

Verbalize It Translator Benefits

If you believe what we believe and want to earn money for your translation and interpretation skills,  join our team today

French to English: Interpreter Spotlight of the Week with Emily Schaffer

Emily Schaffer French Translator

Emily is a French and Portuguese translator based in Chicago, USA.

Damla: Hi Emily, thanks so much for joining us today. It’s going to be great to finally share your story with our community. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Emily: Absolutely. I have loved languages for as long as I can remember. In high school, while most students complained about the 3-year foreign language requirement, I asked to take both French and Spanish. Then I studied linguistics at Stanford University and spent two terms abroad in Paris. After graduation, I lived in Paris, London, and Madrid before returning to the United States to attend Harvard Law School. I have since worked as a lawyer in the United States, Costa Rica, and Brazil. My husband is Brazilian, and our household is a symphony of English, Portuguese, and French!

Damla: You seem like the perfect example of globalization, and it is incredible to have a lawyer doing translation work. I bet it allows you to work with legal translations with a lot of background. So how did you end up where you are now?

Emily: I decided to take a break from globe-trotting when my first child was born. Now I work in a downtown office, and while I love my job, I miss interacting with people whose backgrounds and experiences are worlds apart (literally!) from mine. One of the reasons I enjoy interpreting is that it gives me a glimpse of what other people are experiencing elsewhere in the world.

Damla: How did you end up interested in interpreting in the first place?

Emily: When I was little, I made up a game called “magic carpet” where I would sit on a rug on my bedroom floor and pretend to travel the world, speaking made-up languages to imaginary people. Later, I began to travel the real world and speak real languages–English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese–to real people in the United States, France, England, Spain, Costa Rica, and Brazil.

“One of the reasons I enjoy interpreting is that it gives me a glimpse of what other people are experiencing elsewhere in the world.”

Damla: It’s lovely to hear how your story evolved from dreams of traveling, to working as an interpreter. Do you have a favorite anecdote from your work?

Emily: I was once asked to interpret a human rights trial in Brazil from Portuguese to French for a visiting French judge, and I ended up on national TV!

Damla: That’s incredible and quite impressive. Do you get to do much outside of being a full time lawyer and interpreter?

Emily: When I am at home, I love to experiment in the kitchen to come up with new vegan recipes for my family. Otherwise, you’ll find me at the park, the pool, the museum, or anywhere else my kids and I can run around and have fun.

Damla: How lovely! It seems like we have a trend of aspiring chefs in our interpreter community. Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down and share your story Emily, you’re an incredible example of an interpreter with legal expertise.

Emily: My pleasure, talk to you soon Damla!

#FoundinTranslation Friday: A Piece of New York in Tokyo

The Intercontinental Tokyo Bay Hotel in Hamamatsucho, Tokyo, has undergone a renovation lasting about two years and the result is similar to the look of modern hotels in New York and Hong Kong.

If it weren’t located in the vicinity of where I live, I wouldn’t have known about this snazzy space until I went last March. The exterior is still as drab as it was but once you get in, the interior has a rather young and playful vibe (although the teppanyaki restaurant “Takumi” and the New York Lounge where I’ve been to before also had a young and playful vibe).

Manhattan Terrace Language Barriers

Find out what the crowning glory of this New York inspired hotel is through our partner, Webflakes.

And the #FoundinTranslation Winner Is…

Six weeks, hundreds of photos, and thousands of votes later, the #FoundinTranslation campaign is finally coming to an end. We’re proud to announce the winner of the #FoundinTranslation campaign.

With more than 250 votes, VerbalizeIt Interpreter Caleb Caple’s photo of Genoa, Italy is our winning submission. Congratulations Caleb, we look forward to hearing all about your trip!

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who participated and contributed to #FoundinTranslation. Your photos were awesome! In fact, they were so good, that we’re going to keep the spirit of #FoundinTranslation alive with our new partner Webflakes, which helps translate local blogs from all of over the world.

Stay tuned for news of Caleb’s travels and for more details on our partnership with Webflakes go here. As always, thank you for helping us break down language barriers.

-The VerbalizeIt Team

Caleb’s Winning Photo

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