We’re Launching VerbalizeIt University!

We’re thrilled to announce the beginnings of VerbalizeIt University, an opportunity to give back to the brightest and most engaged members of our community!

What is VerbalizeIt University?

VerbalizeIt University is a year-round curriculum, designed for training and furthering the careers of VerbalizeIt translators and interpreters in the wider industry. The following key initiatives will be rolled out for the community’s participation over the course of the next three months:

Open Forum 

  1. Series of introductory classes and practice exercises, run by veteran translators and interpreters, to build baseline expertise for less-experienced members of the community
  2. Access to articles written by Veterans on a variety of topics related to the Translation and Interpretation Industry
  3. Invitation to national interpreter and translator conferences and networking events

Gold Star Course

  1. One-on-one sessions with industry experts on resume-building, business development and client communication to ensure that you stand out from the crowd on every customer/employer interaction
  2. Entry into national certification exams for select translators and interpreters in the community
  3. A range of skill development classes
  4. Practice Labs with experience interpreters to practice your skills.
  5. ”Industry Track” training for building a career in the medical, legal, business/ finance or manufacturing industries

What’s in it for me?

A wise community member once told us that the translator/ interpreter career is one of lifelong learning. Whether you are a newcomer to the industry, or a veteran with several years of experience, we promise to provide you with resources tailored to your experiences.

How much will VerbalizeIt University cost?

$0. While courses similar to this can cost up to thousands of dollars, we’re offering this free of cost on the VerbalizeIt Platform! That’s right, cost is nothing. It’s on us! 

What’s in it for VerbalizeIt?

First and foremost, because we are extremely thankful for you investing your precious time with us during an extremely important and formative time for the company. Your engagement will help the company grow, and we’d like to return the favor and help you grow professionally, both within and outside VerbalizeIt. Second, we want to invest in building not just the largest, but also the most talented and professional community of translators and interpreters known to man.

How do I join?

Several resources from VerbalizeIt University will be available to all members. However, the program is also geared towards investing in the most engaged translators and interpreters in our community. What this means is, while most of the resources will be available for everyone, our Gold Star courses and resources will be exclusive to our most engaged community members. For every 10 hours of availability you are able to provide, a new 1 hour session of the training will become available to you! You’ll have access to exclusive materials provided by a professional Certification Instructor, helping you hone and practice your professional skills . 

How do we get started?

While we are working with professional instructors on our end, we do want to make sure the courses are received as an exciting opportunity for our community. There are a few simple steps you can take to help us get this up and running quicker. 

We need 500 community members to get started!

How to Navigate Legal Translations and Reach More Customers

In this issue, you’ll find: legal, travel, global, LSP and immigration reform insights from VerbalizeIt. In addition, we’re sharing our recent live interpretation success story with Berkshire Hathaway’s CORT Furniture. See how they’re using VerbalizeIt to reach new customers in their hundreds of stores nationwide.

Expand Your Language Service Provider

As always, thank you for continuing to help us break through language barriers,

-The VerbalizeIt Team

Translate Your Legal Documents

VerbalizeIt’s network of specialized translators and interpreters combine the necessary blend of legal expertise and localized knowledge to deliver accurate and timely legal translation at scale. VerbalizeIt’s offers include: e-discovery, document review, and customized support for managing workflow at a competitive price point for any law firm. Learn more

Traveling the World Without Language Barriers

We’ve spent the last year disrupting the travel industry by delivering real-time access to thousands of human translators globally. This November we’ll be presenting to 13,000 attendees at the PhocusWright Travel Innovation Summit. If you’re attending too or want to know about our travel offerings, let us know!

Forbes: Three Ways To Appeal To A Global Market

When it comes to the characteristics that matter most — namely emotions, local customs and terminology — computer solutions overlook the most important fact in a global economy: humans still matter. With that in mind, here are three things your company can do right now to make sure you stop missing the billions of people who do not speak English and start growing your business.

Expand Your Language Service Provider

Language service providers (LSP) come to us all the time looking for ways to partner with our community and use our technology. We help LSPs add capacity, add new offerings, and leverage new technologies. Our mission is to break language barriers around the world, see how helping LSPs furthers our mission.

VerbalizeIt Teams up with FWD.us

We’re proud to announce that we’re partnering with FWD.us to help move immigration reform forward. As a member of our community, we’re asking you to support comprehensive immigration reform by asking Congress to follow the Senate’s lead and fix our nation’s broken immigration system today. This is an issue near and dear to our co-founder Kunal Sarda’s heart and we’d greatly appreciate it if you lent your support. Join us!

How We Translate Documents

Our document translation process is clear and confidential. It consists of four steps combined with our dedicated translation technology. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: VerbalizeIt leverages proprietary technology to deconstruct documents into translation units. These units are deconstructed yet again in sub-units and distributed to specific translators in the global community, based on the language pair, industry expertise, geographic location and any other needs the translation request is tagged with.

Step 2: Our translators view the units in their browser where they can make adjustments and never have to download anything.

Step 3: Each unit is then translated, sent to a qualified reviewer and then aggregated back into original document’s format by our proprietary technology.

Step 4: Your translated document is delivered within a timeframe and at a price point that ensures your business never misses a beat (in any language). 

Here’s what the final product looks like. You upload an file in the language of your choosing. Here’s an English example:

Verbalize It's Services In English

We then take those files, create units, and share them with our highly-qualified translator community at which point they translate the files into the language requested. We then pull them back together. Here’s a French example:

Verbalize It Services In French

That’s it. You can learn more about how to translate your text files here or sign up to get started.

Bringing Multilingual Customer Support to CORT

Ever move? Ever need furniture? Then you’ve likely heard of CORT

Cort Furniture Logo

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, CORT (a Berkshire Hathaway Company) provides transition solutions to meet anyone’s needs. CORT matches the world’s largest inventory of furniture to students, families and businesses in need of furnishing at room, home or office. In addition to meeting their clients’ furniture needs, CORT offers destination services, apartment search tools, clearance centers and event centers.

CORT’s Challenges

Because of CORT’s size and diverse customer base, the company constantly finds itself running into language barriers both on the shop floor and within their call-centers. With hundreds of showrooms in thirty States and hundreds of thousands of customers annually, CORT faces significant communication challenges as it works to maintain its world-class customer service.

VerbalizeIt’s Solution

In the first month CORT made dozens of calls, tallying hundreds of quality interactions with international customers on the VerbalizeIt platform. VerbalizeIt’s technology allowed CORT to integrate its international call centers and showrooms directly into the VerbalizeIt community of thousands of interpreters globally. By providing direct lines of access to each of VerbalizeIt’s 10 live languages, CORT employees had the assurance of approaching any customer in any language worry free.

CORT Today

“VerbalizeIt has allowed us to internationalize our call center operations in a seamless and cost-efficient manner. Having the ability to connect to a personable interpreter within seconds and speak to customers across the language barrier has instantly expanded our global reach” –Renee Pershall, Director of Online Sales and Business Development at CORT Furniture, A Berkshire Hathaway Company.

To learn more about VerbalizeIt’s live interpretation services you can contact us. To learn more about how our API seamlessly integrates into call-centers and other customer service platforms visit VerbalizeIt for Developers.

How have language or cultural barriers impacted your business or leisure travel experiences?

As an avid traveler, language barriers have impacted me in both a business and leisure context. 

In leisure travel, my inability to communicate in the native language precluded me from truly experiencing a country and culture to its fullest and in one case, I received inadequate medical attention at a time of need (check out this video). 

In a business context, I’ve missed business development opportunities and had challenges offering the best service to my customers. This is exactly why I founded VerbalizeIt.

In a world in which we increasingly engage with a global customer-base and diverse cultures, I’d love to learn how language barriers have impacted you and how you plan to navigate them in the future. Join the conversation on LinkedIn.

We’re Getting Ready for the PhocusWright Travel Innovation Summit

This November we’ll be presenting to 13,000 attendees at the PhocusWright Travel Innovation Summit.

Join me at The PhoCusWright Conference!

We’ve spent the last year disrupting the travel industry by delivering real-time access to thousands of human translators globally. We’ve empowered businesses and travelers with the ability to instantly connect with a live translator any time of day, anywhere in the world, from any device or application.

If you’re planning on attending or are interested in learning more about VerbalizeIt’s translation services let us know.

Here’s a throwback to our original pitch at TechStars.

Here’s our appearance on Shark Tank earlier this year.

Come check us our at PhoCusWright!

How We Transcribe and Translate Videos

Did you know that of three billion videos viewed every day on YouTube, more than sixty percent come from people whose primary language is not English? We thought this was remarkable and decided to do something about it. 

Our platform helps individuals and businesses transcribe and translate videos into any of the twelve languages we offer. Here’s an example of an English subtitle we took, transcribed and translated into French. 

Transcribe Your Video To English

Here’s the French version:

Transcribe Your Video To French

Here’s the final product. To see the translated subtitles, simply click on closed-captioning, “CC” in the bottom of the video and select “French.” 

You can learn more about how we transcribe and translate videos at here or signup to get started.

Expand Your Language Service Provider

We believe that communication is an essential aspect of life and language barriers should never stop quality communication. Language service providers (LSPs) use our technology platform to connect those in need of translation with a global community of human translators. We increase the capabilities of LSP’s by allowing them to focus on their own goals.

Here’s how we’re helping Language Service Providers grow:

1. Add Capacity: Language service providers can supplement their translation capacity by tapping into our network of thousands of trained translators. Learn More 

2. Add Offerings: Language service providers can add VerbalizeIt’s full service translation and interpretation solution to their service offering. Learn More 

3. Leverage Our Technology: Language service providers can use their own staff and offer their own translation and interpretation solution on our white labeled platform. Learn More

Expand Your Language Service Provider

Contact us to learn more about how you can start working with VerbalizeIt to expand your offerings and break down language barriers.