Ready to Go Global? Our CEO Ryan Frankel Sits Down with Bloomberg’s Pimm Fox

Our CEO Ryan Frankel sits down with Bloomberg’s Pimm Fox to talk about how companies of all sizes are going global and seeing returns from embracing new markets in new languages.

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The two discuss how VerbalizeIt’s translation platform is allowing companies of all sizes to engage China, Brazil and other emerging markets by offering translation services in 140 languages with 18,000 professional translators worldwide. You can catch Ryan’s latest Forbes article, How To Reach The Six Billion Customers You’re Missing and find out more about how companies like Livestream and Spreadshirt are going global.

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Global Customer Engagement Tips

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“It’s hard to believe that a year ago we were on the streets of New York City encouraging New Yorkers to say “I love you” in a new language. Today we’re running a full-service translation platform which allows you to upload any file, from anywhere, and get a quote for free. You’ll see from the newsletter below that we rooted our platform in quality and performance to help you engage with a global customer base. Thank you for being here at the start!”

-Ryan Frankel, co-founder and CEO

Quality And Trusted Translations

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Translation API: TripCase,, MenuBolt

We’re integrating our API into new companies all the time. If you need content translated, localized, or interpreted, check out our dynamic API
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Twelve Months Later, We’re Still Saying, “I Love You”

The process of growing up can be painful for anyone and small business are no different. “A year ago today we were scrambling to respond to customer requests to learn how to say, “I love you” in another language.” We banned together, contacted some of our best translators, and here’s what we came up with (no we didn’t have a videographer on staff at the time :-):

It’s remarkable to think about how much we’ve grown in the past twelve months and how many more customers we’re serving. Today we’re focused on helping businesses and business travelers break through language barriers via live-interpretation, text translation, audio and video translation, and website and mobile localization. Here’s a clip we use to describe VerbalizeIt today:



Thanks for all of your support along the way and remember to tell someone you love them today, in any language 🙂

-Ryan Frankel


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