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He also contributed reports to “Today ” and other NBC

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Hiring a Professional Translator in the New Sharing Economy

Whether you are requesting an Uber Ride or hiring a professional translator, you are taking part in the sharing economy. Shouldn’t you expect the same transparency from your professional services as your taxi app?

” The sharing economy is booming, with a fast-growing list of online services offering consumers a chance to meet part-time needs… for cars, bikes, vacation homes, jewelry and more…without busting the budget with a full-time purchase.”- The Kiplinger Letter, Oct. 3, 2014

Chances are that you have heard of, or even used on-demand services like Uber and AirBnB to order a taxi ride or book a room for your next vacation. These services have been credited for being highly disruptive by bringing distant buyers and sellers together in global marketplaces and making it easy to match nearby supply and demand via geolocation and mobile devices. For consumers, this means on-demand access to services at a better price and experience than ever before. At VerbalizeIt, we believe that businesses deserve the same ease of use and transparency in hiring a professional translator as consumers do in hailing a taxi.

But what really makes Uber a “disruptive” experience for customers? We believe that beyond providing access to high quality cars and drivers, Uber has leveraged technology to enable customers in answering three questions, making them comfortable to step past status quo and to take part in the sharing economy.

1. Who is My Driver?

Would you ever order an Uber taxi knowing that the company had no visibility to or control over whether the person who showed up at your doorstep was actually an Uber driver? By leveraging the power of mobile and putting both its customers and drivers on the same online platform, Uber knows and takes accountability for the driver you are taking a ride from. Simply having this information available for you to see and share creates tremendous comfort with getting in a car with a stranger.

Hiring a Professional Translsator- Who is Translating?

Traditional translation agencies have operated “offline” for years, giving customers (and frequently the agencies themselves) no visibility to who is actually translating the content. Unfortunately, this is at least in part by design- unknown to customers hiring a professional translator, agencies frequently outsource work to outside translators, whom in turn may outsource it to others in their network. VerbalizeIt overcomes this lack of visibility by taking these translations “online”- meaning that content is translated on an online platform, rather than on individual’s desktops, VerbalizeIt and in turn our customers can achieve accountability and comfort associated with knowing exactly who is handing their content.


2. How Far is My Car?

If you need to get somewhere on time, standing on a street corner and hoping for a taxi to show up any minute is an anxiety most customers would rather avoid. Again, Uber has leveraged technology to build the “killer feature” of showing customers exactly where and how far their taxi is.

Hiring a Professional Translator- Progress

Much like knowing who is translating your content, having visibility on progress and delivery times should be top of mind while hiring a professional translator. Of course, you can request frequent status updates from translators via email and take their word on it, eventually making desperate calls to ask about your translations when approaching a deadline. Alternatively, hire professional translators that have this visibility baked into their process, preferably through a web or mobile interface you can ping at any moment to get a true status update.

3. Can I Rate My Driver (And So What)?

What happens when your Uber driver knows that you are likely going to leave feedback on your ride, which will directly impact their reputation and future opportunity? First, it creates an incentive to going beyond doing what is necessary to take you from Point A to B, and to providing you with an exceptional experience. Second, it allows Uber the opportunity to react quickly, in the event of a sub-optimal experience. Finally, and very importantly for a sharing economy, it allows the “system” (the platform and its customers) to learn more about a provider and improve all subsequent customer experiences.

Hiring a Professional Translator- Feedback

Real-time user feedback is a simple and incredibly powerful concept, yet one often missing from professional services. When hiring a professional translator, ensure that there are incentives in place for your translation partner to exceed your expectations on your current project, and that there is infrastructure in place to improve your (and others) experience on subsequent interaction with these translators.


What else do you think companies like Uber have done, that would improve the way in which companies are hiring a professional translator, and provide them with greater visibility and confidence in the process?


It is also effective in thyroid imbalance condition and can be

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Will always be part of the great history of LSU football and I

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Take the success of Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola. There is some difference canada goose outlet uk fake between these two products, but this difference is very subtle. Plus, there are hundreds of other brands of cola on the market. The week started with the Giants officially rolling out offensive coordinator Mike Shula,defensive coordinator James Bettcher and a handful of first year assistants on head coach Pat Shurmur’s canada goose online shop germany staff in front of the media and the digitally connected fan base.It will end with canada goose black friday 2019 uk a couple of top NFL Draft prospects,Bradley Chubb and Saquon Barkley, visiting to meet with many of those same coaches and some front office executives. That process will carry into next week’s visits from top quarterbacks and continue canada goose outlet fake up until the draft opens on April 26.But much of the buzz around the Giants right now is centered on whether a familiar face will come through the door again. And when that might be.Wide receiverOdell Beckham Jr.

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The Emperor was always happy to see the most violent minded of

Canada Goose Online Donald Trump was effusive in praising United Technologies (UTX) on Thursday for agreeing to keep jobs at its Carrier subsidiary from leaving Indiana for Mexico, saying that the company had stepped up. After all, by agreeing to Trump TMs demand that it curb plans to abandon Indianapolis, Carrier is losing more money than it would gain by going south of the border. Carrier has contended that a $7 million tax break from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, a quasi public organization, was what made it change its mind about moving all its Indianapolis jobs to Mexico. Canada Goose Online

uk canada goose Some, such as lions, crocodiles, elephants, giraffes, leopards and other large animals now synonymous to Africa were imported from the Empire’s most southerly frontiers. Entry into the canada goose outlet authentic games was free, and the Emperor himself frequently came to the games so he could bask in his own glory and canada goose outlet in montreal allow his people to admire him also. The Emperor was always happy to see the most violent minded of his subjects have their blood lust satisfied in one canada goose jacket outlet uk location and under the ever watchful eye of his formidable Imperial guard.. uk canada goose

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Canada Goose Coats On Sale The cons. The biggest one, whenever i flew i felt scared because if it crashed for any reason it’s not designed to be easily repaired by the user, and what parts buy canada goose jacket you can get are very expensive. More than they should be really. But hen you do have a period it should be 5 days if that’s normal for you. Its different in everyone. ( Full Answer )Can using herbal supplements cause bleeding while taking birth control pills?Birth control pills contain synthetic hormones which are detoxified in the liver. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

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canada goose clearance sale Challenge your preconceived notions. Maybe you’ve already labeled a person or group of people negatively. A good way to challenge those labels is to get out and experience them first hand. For a once in a lifetime holiday, you could do worse than magnificent 18th century Villa Sola in Tremezzo on the western shore of Lake Como, frescoed and stuccoed to the hilt and surrounded by formal gardens that descend to your own private landing stage. Once owned by Duke Gian Galeazzo Serbelloni, an Italian supporter of Napoleon, the villa is a living museum, with trompe l’oeil artworks by two pupils of Tiepolo and a historic weaponry collection among its many treasures. There are six luminous double bedrooms done out with true antique noblesse oblige canada goose clearance sale.

In theory, companies can get a pass on their pollution by

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I personally don like it because I think that Superman works best when he actually a kid from a farm who visits his parents on Friday night for dinner, but that me.FWIW I think that actually an important part of the Superman story. It a lesson that not even Superman can save everyone. You can beat cancer by punching it or stop a heat attack by standing between it and the victim.

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Despite their failure in St. Louis, the Giants can still make the playoffs perhaps even win the NFC East if they defeat the Vikings Sunday and the Cowboys Jan. 2 in Dallas. Of course, one of the selling propositions of brands like Harpic is that users need to eject very little liquid per use, thus making one bottle last long. Even so, the basic price difference is huge. Surprisingly, a litre of phenyl costs around Rs 140 to 160 more than Harpic.

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