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Merriam Webster announces ‘culture’ is the word of the year

When operating in different countries, your business must conduct research before attempting to communicate with its target audiences. Keeping culture at the forefront of your mind when planning for business globalization allows your brand to more thoroughly understand its potential consumers and the behaviors that drive them to buy.

The word "culture" encompasses a variety of lifestyle factors, regional patterns and personal choices that comprise an individual's regional and personal identity. Merriam Webster recently named the term the 2014 word of the year, allowing small-business owners to take the time to reflect on how culture impacts the online habits of their international consumer base.

Website design extends far beyond color choice and domain name.Website design extends far beyond color choice and domain name.

Varying cultures affect readership
Culture can have a significant impact on behavior. A consumer living in China may be accustomed to a different type of website format than one living in the U.S., as regional sites feature language, times and widgets tailored to one specific geographic location. User experience, or the way website visitors interact with your online ventures, should vary by region, meaning small-business owners should take steps to ensure different cultures have access to content tailored to their preferences. 

"Research is the first and most important step when creating an international website."

When developing a website for consumers across different cultures, research is the first and most important step. Your brand should delve into the aesthetic factors of website design that may impact how a person behaves on the site. For example, colors have varying meanings depending on the region or culture in question. Marketing firm Smart Insights conducted a survey among consumers living in different countries, and it discovered that orange held significant buying power in areas with large Buddhist populations like Singapore, as the color is tied to power and religious belief. 

Adapting your website for different cultures
Addressing the language barrier is the first step to reaching people with different cultures. Investing in high-quality professional translation services allows your site visitors the ability to read and digest pertinent company information. But developing copy is only half the battle.

According to Geert Hofstede, a social psychologist who specializes in cultural studies, there are five main pillars to consider when researching the behaviors of international consumers. 

  • Femininity vs. masculinity
  • Power distance (or the authority/expertise presented by a brand)
  • Collectivism vs. individualism
  • Long- vs. short-term orientation 
  • Uncertainty avoidance (or shying away from sites that rely heavily on the unknown)

Hofstede noted that these major factors were crucial when communicating with other people, especially when it comes to the professional realm. Understanding your consumers is the first step to providing the highest-quality service to them, as your brand has a more accurate snapshot of the people it hopes to serve. These pillars may impact the way your international partners interact with your site. For example, consumers living in a country that traditionally prides itself on collectivism may be more likely to click on photos with more than one person, while those that value individualism would interact with photographs of one person. Keeping cultural preferences on your mind when developing an international website and adapting content for these consumers could have a profound impact on the international success of your brand. 

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Website translation yields results: 3 companies that succeeded after investing in translation

Expanding your business across international borders opens your company to a range of professional relationships, with regard to both global partners and clients. According to the World Trade Organization's International Trade Statistics 2014, an increasing number of businesses are expanding their operations abroad. In 2013, world merchandise exports grew by 2 percent while commercial services exports increased by 6 percent.

"Investing in professional translation services can ensure content is accessible across language barriers."

As more companies continue to operate abroad, small-business owners seek ways to adapt their services and products for international consumers. One way companies have sought to accommodate these consumers is by investing in professional translation services, which can ensure any content is accessible across language borders.

In fact, several businesses have seen impressive success immediately after investing in website translation, noting significant improvements in both revenue and relationships following a heavier emphasis on internationalization. Consider three such companies, all of which saw global success after developing translation endeavors.

1. Rdio
Music-streaming service Rdio has made impressive strides through its international market over the past several years. While the company was only founded in 2010, it currently operates in 85 countries across the world. But part of what propelled the business to global success was its emphasis on translation – the website is currently available in 24 different languages, but the company continues to translate its website across myriad regional dialects.

In an interview with CNBC, Rdio's CEO Anthony Bay explained that the company will continue to expand globally over the next several years – a venture that has already proven to be successful, as the business recently tapped into the Indian market by opening its second-largest office in the country.

"There's only about three companies offering this kind of service on a global basis, so in that category, it's our goal to be the best," Bay said. "A lot of our emphasis is on the global market."

What helps Rdio stand out among its competition – and no doubt contributed to the company being named one of Time magazine's Top 50 Websites of 2014 – is its insistence on quality translation. In addition to the 24 language settings already available on the site, the company uses its range of international listeners to help translate pages into languages not yet available. While community members can suggest translations, no sites go live until the content has been reviewed by the experts who can ensure the pages are accurately localized. Rdio even has a page where visitors can learn about the translation process and how it can expand in the future. 

Mobile <a  data-cke-saved-href=Mobile app translation drastically increases the reach of your international venture.

2. Wickr
Rdio is not the only newer venture to see success in its international efforts after translating website content. Wickr is a mobile messaging app that allows users to send encrypted messages or media to one another, then immediately deletes sent information after it has been opened. The company was founded in 2011 and since then, it has expanded to more than 200 countries and now operates on both mobile and desktop devices. Similarly to Rdio, Wickr places a heavy emphasis on translating its content for international audiences. In October 2014, the app announced it would support 22 different languages to accommodate its millions of global users. 

This emphasis on high-quality mobile app translation has helped the business further gain international support. It was named the Official Secure Messaging App of the Oslo Freedom Forum in 2014. Co-founder and CEO Nico Sell explained that the app has been instrumental for those living in countries that do not support freedom of speech or those where governmental unrest is rampant.

"As the number of Wickr users based outside of the U.S. continues to grow, this new offering will enable millions of people around the world to communicate securely, using their native language," Sell said.

And the company has no plans to slow down anytime soon – over the next several years, international users can expect the company to continue developing and refining its global language efforts to improve communication among these individuals. 

"WhatsApp reached 600 million users last year, thanks in part to its quick global adoption rates."

3. WhatsApp
Another messaging app that has integrated a content translator into its operations is WhatsApp, which allows users to communicate with their smartphones without having to pay standard texting fees. The company was acquired by Facebook in spring 2014 – a partnership that has only contributed to the international success of the app. The app reached 600 million users at the end of 2014, thanks in part to its expansion in countries such as Brazil, Russia, Mexico and India. 

Similarly to Rdio, WhatsApp has its own translation website where users can help localize the app's language based on their region. The company asks native speakers to help translate the pages, then notify the brand if any language or setting is incorrect. WhatsApp is presently available in 40 different languages on its website, but as it continues to see success in different countries, the number will continue to rise.

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3 companies that recently went global

Various companies are poised to go global in 2015. Recovering global economies, paired with a rising number of corporations who have paved the way for international success, have inspired businesses of all sizes to contemplate new global strategies.

Bloomberg recently pointed out that the 2014 Standard & Poor's 500 Index – which represents some of the largest U.S. companies and stocks across all major industries – rose by 12 percent over the past year. Historically, when the SPX has risen, the MSCI World Index has risen dramatically in the following year – poising 2015 as the prime time for companies to invest in their international efforts. 

If your company has begun to evaluate whether it should go global, look to the following three businesses that expanded their operations to new countries in the past several months.

Companies are taking advantage of global opportunities.Companies are taking advantage of global opportunities.

1. Hinge
Tinder may have been the go-to dating app of 2014, but Hinge emerged as a dark horse competitor toward the end of the year. Similar to Tinder, Hinge allows mobile users to sift through possible dating matches. But unlike Tinder, which permits users to swipe through endless profiles, Hinge matches users based on their online friendships, meaning people are paired with connections of their Facebook friend group. The site launched in 2013, but just recently announced its plans to expand to different countries.

Investment firm Shasta Ventures partnered with the matchmaking app, pledging $12 million to go toward global expansion. The app currently allows people to connect in 28 different cities, but founder Justin McLeod explained to Forbes that 2015 would be all about growth – both expanding profile capabilities for users and reaching audiences abroad.

"France-based BlaBlaCar managed to raise more than $100 million to fuel its globalization efforts."

2. DocuSign
This digital signature acquisition service is a great resource for companies looking into business globalization. It allows professionals from different companies to collect signatures from both partners and clients who cannot physically sign documents. The company currently operates in several different countries, but it recently raised $30 million to develop and expand its efforts in the Japanese market. Forbes reported that it plans on using the funds to open an office in Tokyo, which will assist the brand as it tailors its features for the Japanese market. 

3. BlaBlaCar
France-based ride-hailing service BlaBlaCar – similar to U.S. companies Uber and Lyft – operates primarily in Europe. People can download the mobile app, enter their location and call a car to come pick them up. The business began in France, but operates in 14 different countries. Last year, it opened branches in both Russia and Turkey. In 2015, the company plans to further expand by operating in India. BlaBlaCar managed to raise more than $100 million for the India expansion – but the company has no plans to stop there. CEO and co-founder Frédéric Mazzella explained to TechCrunch that the funds will help not only develop the India office, but pave the way for other countries, like Brazil, in the future.

Is your brand considering an international expansion? Read up on why 2015 is the year to go global.

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The hero of 2011 World series Game 6 still gets cheering when he plays at Busch Stadium (7 years later).Throughout the season we will have stupid memes that will make almost no sense to anyone outside of our subreddit and could be seen as a sign of collective madness. 2 points submitted 15 days agoLook man, I get it. Chicks (and me) dig the long ball.

Canada Goose Outlet As Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D Calif.) noted on “This Week,” “There’s a difference between compelling evidence of collusion and whether the special counsel concludes that he can prove beyond a reasonable doubt the criminal charge of conspiracy.” Mueller may not have indicted anyone else because there wasn’t any evidence. Canada Goose Outlet

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Canada Goose online Its mostly just so you know where im at if you were curious. No need to follow or anything just shooting ya some work from a fellow tool fan and fan of your covers. Probably subway system/bus canada goose london uk transit is the hardest so far. The first time transferring from subway to bus was tricky because nothing is in English and I have to trust either my phone or the guy telling me where to go. Jsually in big places they have someone who is designated English speaking which helped me and everyone is SUPER helpful (atleast in the Kyoto station.) Google maps and Google translate is definitely my best friend on this trip. Canada Goose online

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Worst day at the dentist. Ever. I got dry sockets on both bottom sockets, and one got infected. And setting up such support is worse for single dads because toxic masculinity canada goose shop austria makes people treat us more macho and less like we need help. So let him figure out how to meet you halfway through trial and error. He make a canada goose outlet uk sale few mistakes be patient.

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How to manage a global workforce as a small business

Communication is critical for any business relationship, but it becomes even more imperative for businesses seeking to establish connections with international consumers and employees. As business globalization remains a top focus for many small companies, there are several tools that can assist small business owners as they develop global workforces and streamline the flow of information across the borders. 

After you have begun working with employees or partners in different countries, start looking for business solutions that can improve communication and ensure operations run smoothly throughout the duration of your professional relationship.

Investing in quality communication services is crucial for <a  data-cke-saved-href=Investing in quality communication services is crucial for business globalization.

1. Communicate with ease by using UberConference 
Managing a phone call between several different parties can be a hassle, especially if you need to include remote employees or those who cannot gather in the same room. In these instances, services like UberConference become necessary. This calling service allows multiple people to join on one line, providing the group with one phone number that allows them to instantly connect. Like most other companies that provide calling services, it permits people to share screens, allowing the organizer to show any participants charts, data or documents that pertain to the meeting.

While UberConference does not offer video calling, it does feature innovative visual services for those connected to a computer. People on the phone can see which speaker is currently talking, mute callers who may have distracting background noises, view social profiles of attendees and text chat with individuals on the line. Additionally, UberConference has international calling abilities that make connecting with global partners much easier.

2. Manage projects and workers with Basecamp 
When it comes to developing and managing projects that require the involvement of international workers, trusting a service that can facilitate communication and store online documents is a must for small businesses. Basecamp is a digital service that collects important project data and allows people to work on tasks from across the globe. According to the site, it has been assisting businesses for more than 15 years, with an impressive track record filled with success stories and a wealth of positive recommendations. More than 350,000 companies used Basecamp last year to work on over 4 million projects, something the service claimed propelled it to become the world's No.1 project management tool. 

"More than 350,000 companies used Basecamp last year to work on over 4 million projects."

This service is particularly helpful for businesses partnering with people living in different countries, especially if they do not speak the same language. The platform itself offers the perfect place on which managers can post their own project information, whether that be data, discussions or documents. Additionally, companies that are seeking to connect with global partners can post content that has been generated by professional translation services, ensuring international contacts can access and understand important information pertaining to the project.

3. Develop personnel profiles with Nimble
Understanding your business contacts is imperative for executives looking to effectively communicate with partners and clients. Nimble is a digital service that collects information about your contacts – such as email addresses, recent posts, social media profiles and activity – that gives the viewer a comprehensive look at the person and his or her online presence. This particular tool offers a bevy of benefits to small-business owners, from providing them a complete look at candidates who may be vying for employment to developing a more in-depth view of the interests of a potential business partner. Companies looking to expand their business operations to an international audience can use the service to glean information about the interests and capabilities of a potential new partner, including whether or not professional translation services will be necessary to facilitate discussion between two parties.

Nimble offers far more than just basic profiling. According to a case study published on the site, Nimble can increase the efficiency of managing relationships with contacts. The study followed the story of two entrepreneurs who started their own U.K.-based clothing company, A.M. Custom Clothing. Alex Franklin, co-founder of the business, explained that one of its features allowed the boys to discover a deal that would have been otherwise lost.

"We immediately were reminded of a huge deal in our pipeline – several thousand pounds – as soon as we set up Nimble," Franklin said in the study. "We had lost track of this prospect. As we were entering information in Nimble's Deals feature we rediscovered them, reached out, got the deal moving again, and it resulted in a very big sale."

Keeping track of your personnel, documents and data can help improve international business relationships.Keeping track of your personnel, documents and data can help improve international business relationships.

4. Ensure meetings are optimized for mobile with TeamViewer
Similar to other services that streamline data sharing for people in business meetings, TeamViewer allows people to quickly connect online to discuss with screen sharing and multiple participant support. Unlike other companies, however, TeamViewer optimizes information for mobile devices, meaning any people attending the meeting can share information regardless of how they're viewing it, whether they be on a computer, mobile device or tablet. 

Enlisting services like TeamViewer is essential for businesses looking to reach remote or international business contacts, as the optimization allows people from any location to view the same content from any platform. It is especially beneficial for the rising majority of small business owners who have integrated mobile technology into their daily operations – according to a study conducted by Constant Contact, more than 77 percent of these professionals use mobile technology while working.

"More than 77 percent of small business owners use mobile technology, highlighting the importance of optimization."

5. Share data with business partners via Box
There are various data-hosting websites available for business partners looking to quickly and safely share information. When it comes to managing relationships with a global workforce, Box is best. Not only does this site ensure any shared content remains confidential, but it offers a range of professional services for business executives, including educational courses to take advantage of features, 24/7 access to IT professionals and customized consulting to help businesses determine how to best use the service. Storage space is particularly useful for executives who need to share with global audiences those documents that have been reviewed by a business localization service.

CIO magazine reported that Box was the best document-sharing service for businesses, noting that its analytical reporting measures, as well as its easy management and integration capabilities, set the company above others that provided similar services.

But that a me problem, so long as I have a drink in my hand or

canadian goose jacket And don despair. Nobody was born with it. Some were born closer to it than others, but all of us had to train. I get vaguely bored when other people are doing stuff and I not but I don think that a negative thing so long as you paying attention. For me it not active boredom like when I in a dull meeting and wish I could be doing anything else, but more like when I watching a tv show I like a lot and it going a little slow for a couple of scenes. But that a me problem, so long as I have a drink in my hand or something else to fiddle with, I can focus all fine. canadian goose jacket

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It my fav part of blackbeasts game. So insistent on throwing the worst kicks ever him personally. If he wants to hide his hands, he should fuckn threaten bullcharge/loose take downs that ends up on the fence/clinch. Now for some optimism: if you in a car, and it ever looks or feels like you may potentially get into a wreck, then practice exhaling your lungs completely. If you ever around heights and feel like you may fall, exhale your lungs completely. As he’s having the dirt piled onto him.

Canada Goose Parka That actually something and 4 and 76 I realised after playing the first 2 metro games, is that Bethesda SUCKS at adding the homey element to their worlds. The stations in metro are full to the brim with little details that show how people live their life,and the people are all doing something. Even in fallouts best cities, it usually just canada goose outlet uk people walking around aimlessly, maybe a few unique animations or poses, but they never feel like homes. Canada Goose Parka

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Add a makeshift 5.56 ammo, next keep regular 5.56 as T2. Using the gun with makeshift 5.56 ammo would do 40 damage, but the gun has a 2 second reload. This way, the gun is a nice middle ground between the crossbow and revolver: canada goose outlet in usa Reloads faster than a crossbow while keeping the long range ability, but still not as effective in a close canada goose outlet factory range encounter due to the inability to one shot someone in the head or hit them multiple times in a timely manner.

buy canada goose jacket However, it understandable how one can get to this point. If you guys have been going to counseling and this is still your mindset, then it might not be salvagable.She does not owe you sex canada goose uk shop but sex can bean important part in a marriage. And therapist will tell you that. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale At this point, he catches wind of what is going on and goads on the swatter to try and swat him. Then he realizes that someone at his old address was killed. He then tries to cover up the goading, but the “pro” swatter is having none of it. What Canadians do understand, however, is the rigged ball game. This thing stinks, but maybe the Liberals ride it out and by the fall no one cares. Unfortunately, for Trudeau, this government isn like Donald Trump, with a new scandal every week to drown out the noise. canada goose clearance sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap It been so stable and reliably tied to the US dollar that even the media has articles on https://www.wincanadagoosepark.com people in Venezuela farming green and black dragons to sell for Runescape gold to then trade for USD. Runescape virtual coal mining is more profitable than actual coal mining if you have enough accounts doing it at once. Anyway at this point I drunken rambling, but I had to share this insight. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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canada goose black friday sale In the segregated past? Sure, ignorance and poisonous people allowed canada goose coats that to proliferate. Now? That canada goose parka outlet frightening to me. 288 points submitted 14 days agoTo be fair, there are two main phytoestrogens. Somewhere along the way, when age didn matter as much anymore, they caught up to me, and we became teammates and competitors but competitors in a good way. We train together, room together, go to the gym together, travel together, and make each other better. We challenge each other and we learn from each other.. canada goose black friday sale

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