3 tools for more effective digital marketing

According to Nielsen, U.S. adults spend about 61 hours a month on the Internet on average, with a sharp increase in the amount of time spent browsing the Web on mobile devices since 2012. With so much time spent on mobile devices (34 hours per month) and computers (27 hours) – not to mention watching videos on the Web (6 hours), watching videos on a phone (6 hours) or using a game console (7 hours) – advertising through these media outlets is the best way to reach many Americans.

“The average American spends about 612 hours online a month.

However, as digital marketing has proved itself successful and profitable, it has also brought in a lot of competition. With multiple firms competing to establish brands, improve search engine rankings and optimize click advertisements, it’s critical that digital markets use the most efficient and effective tools. Here are three basic online tools that can help digital marketers make the most out of every minute they’re working.

1. Google Drive 
If you have Gmail, you have Google Drive. Despite its name, this isn’t just a cloud storage space to place docs and photos. It allows you to collaborate and work seamlessly with a number of team members.

As a digital marketer, you’re likely switching devices frequently, working remotely, and working with various clients, team members and freelancers. Google Drive lets you create word documents, presentations and spreadsheets, which you can choose to share with whomever you want. Furthermore, they can collaborate on the document or simply comment on it.

The co-founder of 3 Door Digital, Alex Moss, explained on Moz that Google Docs beat out all other information sharing tools when his company merged because it was so simple, efficient and effective.

Drive can be an affordable option for many small businesses.Drive can be an affordable option for many small businesses.

“In the past few years, I’ve used numerous task management tools and decided to put a few to the test to see which one would work for us,” Moss wrote. “In the end we found that Google Docs was actually the best platform for us to use. This may seem like an uncommon choice but with the correct setup it has proved to be extremely successful.”

When it comes specifically to online marketing, WebpageFX explained that Google Drive can do even more. You can use Drive to do keyword research, evaluate sites on shared spreadsheets, manage media buys, conduct open online surveys, Web scrap and many other projects.

2. Adobe Marketing Cloud 
This Adobe tool is tailor-made for digital marketers. It’s designed to provide easy management for analytics, social media, targeted advertising and specialty campaigns, not to mention its mobile integration and customizable functions.

Adobe Marketing Cloud is an all-in-one online tool that consolidates a digital marketer’s needs for easy access. You can also set up dashboards to keep track of your key metrics.

“Use VerbalizeIt to fully translate and localize your apps.”

This tool has many of the aspects that companies like Smart Insights and OutBrain say are critical to digital marketers, such as social media management, mobile accessories and ways to measure customer behavior.


3. VerbalizeIt

The Internet has allowed businesses unparalleled access to markets all around the world. However, now that many infrastructures and trade barriers have been toppled, there’s still one that remains: language.

To reach audiences at home or abroad that speak a different language, use VerbalizeIt to fully translate and localize your apps, website and any advertising. Digital marketers can use VerbalizeIt to fully translate businesses’ Web presences in just one click, launching them into multiple markets at the same time.

Unlike other online services, VerbalizeIt’s professional translation services don’t use inaccurate machines or unreliable freelancers, but rather expert translators who can update a site and make translation easier for each piece of content or advertising going forward. Your client will be reaching a new customer base in no time.

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Measure the performance of your translated site with these 3 tools

Using professional translation services to convert your website or app into a new language is a great way to expand the reach of your business and find a new audience of potential customers. However, after translating your Web presence, it can be difficult to see exactly how this investment has benefited your business.

Use these three tools to follow the most important indicators for your website’s and app’s successes to understand exactly how translation helps your online brand.

“Observe the benefits of translation with these tools.”

1. Google Analytics  
Google Analytics is an online tool from the search engine giant that can help you measure the most important metrics about your website. It allows you to see how long people are spending on the site, what they’re clicking on, how quickly they leave and what people are looking for. Google Analytics also lets you see where people are visiting your site from, allowing you to better use targeted localization translations.

You can use Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of your site in English and in another language by comparing the data. With translation, you’ll likely see a boost in several important metrics among the population group you’re looking to attract. This online tool also lets you set up multiple dashboards so you can monitor your sites quickly and easily at a glance.

2. Optimizely 
Optimizely is a software company that lets businesses test websites and apps to see how effective they are. Through A/B testing, Optimizely allows business owners to see what type of difference a site change, such as translating, has on the bottom line. Additionally, companies can use this service to see exactly how users are navigating through the site. This can help discover any areas of concern to reengineer to give users the best possible experience.

Use Web tools to learn how to optimize your Web presence.Use Web tools to learn how to optimize your Web presence.

Use this on your service to compare your old site with the new translated one and view any areas where your new users could use help navigating.

3. Feedback management tools 
Companies like 
Qualaroo, Usabilla or OpinionLab provide the tools for users to quickly and easily give you feedback through your website or app. You can invest in a dozen different analytics tools, but there’s no one who can tell you what’s working better than your own users.

There’s a science to getting optimal and useful feedback. Provide users suggestions of helpful feedback, consider a multiple choice or rating system and allow room for comments. Additionally, you’re likely to see higher participation with some sort of incentive.