Grounds for Promotion Translation

By having our ads in Spanish, our bilingual campaign achieved a click-through-rate that was 45% higher than the industry average.

About Grounds for Promotion

Grounds for Promotion is a full service digital agency that offers clients a wide range of digital marketing services. They specialize in using SEM, PPC, SEO, Display, social media and design to help their clients achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. Their clients include large and mid-sized companies such as Chiquita, Curves, YMCA of Metro Denver, and Windells and they’re trusted to do work for several mid-sized digital agencies.

Ground for Promotions’s Challenge

A national U.S. based non-profit came to Grounds for Promotion with a campaign focused on reaching Hispanic youth. To reach their target population, Grounds for Promotion needed to translate its marketing campaign into Spanish. They needed the quality of human translation to ensure accuracy in a mass-marketing campaign. Additionally, Grounds for Promotion required a rapid turnaround time along with specialized social media translation.

VerbalizeIt’s Solutions: Advertising Translation

VerbalizeIt delivered solutions that catered to Grounds for Promotion’s challenges. The VerbalizeIt Business Dashboard allowed for clean self service and seamless document uploads across different times zones. By selecting rush translation on every piece of their marketing campaign, Grounds for Promotion was able to meet their client’s turnaround needs in a timely fashion.

Grounds for Promotion Today

By using VerbalizeIt, Grounds for Promotion delivered high-quality bilingual marketing content on time. Now when Grounds for Promotion works with clients, they can create content for an ever globalizing world.

While working with VerbalizeIt, we were able to receive the translations quickly by using rush delivery to meet our client’s tight deadline. It was key to have the ads in the appropriate language for our audience, and I will definitely be using VerbalizeIt for future multilingual marketing campaigns.” – Jonathan Sackheim, Grounds for Promotion Founder