Allergy Translation, Don’t Trust Computers

We recently received a request from a prominent traveler to help him translate an English paragraph into Mandarin:

“Hello, can you recommend something on the menu that is gluten free. I’m very allergic, and will get sick if the food has any bread, breadcrumbs, soy sauce or wheat flour. If you don’t know, can you ask the cook?
Thank you.”

We sent the paragraph to one of our amazing VerbalzieIt Mandarin translators and they provided the following:

??????????? ?????????? ??????? ???
??? ??? ?????? ??

If you insert the correct translation into Google Translate, you’ll see the following result:

“Hello. Can you give me a little built instrument with no gluten food Service.
In response to the bit of my body is sensitive to gluten. My body can not have bread, bread flour, oil, flour. If you do not know, you asked the barber
Thank you”

Google Translate Result

If you suffer from any type of allergy then you understand how serious an error like this could potentially be. Would you trust the translation provided by Google Translate? Neither would we. VerbalizeIt puts you in touch with real, live human translators in an instant.

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