Although we’re just in to 2015

Now that DNA includes four wheel drive and a few more dynamic tweaks for the sensational looking sports car.Although we’re just in to 2015, these early all wheel drive cars are described as 2016 model year versions, which also sees electric power steering added for the first time, a new Sports Design Pack (read bodykit) and, at long last, an upgrade for the woefully outdated infotainment system, which now has downloadable apps. How very 2016.The old V8 S Convertible F Type has fallen by the wayside as part of the range revamp, replaced by a soft top version of the F Type R with a 543bhp V8 under the bonnet, which we got to test at the famous Estoril racing circuit in Portugal.Choosing AWD adds 4 payday loans online Short Term Loans,850 to the list price, but drops the 0 60mph time of an F Type R by just one tenth of a second. It has more of an effect on V6 supercharged models, knocking four tenths off the sprint for the same cost.But this is about more than just numbers the AWD system flatters drivers, letting you play the hooligan by flooring the throttle coming out of a tight bend without the worry of having to catch a wey hey inducing tailslide.There’s still a little bit of movement at the back, but the cleverness of Jaguar’s Intelligent Driveline Dynamics working with the Dynamic Stability Control anticipates the rear wheels losing grip and transfers torque to the front wheels.Torque Vectoring by braking is standard on all F Types now, braking the front wheels to sharpen turn in and reduce the vague possibility of understeer that there might have been this is one seriously sharp handling sports car and better than ever.And at long last it has a touchscreen system that’s befitting of a modern sports car, complete with InControl apps for parking, podcasts and more.

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