Transcription and Captioning Services for Cielo24

“In partnership with VerbalizeIt, we extended our native language captioning service to include eight additional languages.”

Cielo24 delivers searchable captions for large media platform partners in the online education, enterprise, news and entertainment markets. Clients turn to them to improve their ROI for online media by extending reach, content discovery and equal access compliance.

Cielo24’s Challenge

Cielo24 was looking to expand its searchable caption offerings to more people, more countries, and to more languages. While they excelled at creating searchable captions, indexes, and transcripts, their services were limited by their language capabilities.

VerbalizeIt’s Solutions: Transcription and Captioning

Today, cielo24 and VerbalizeIt work together to leverage VerbalizeIt’s vast network of interpreters and give individuals and businesses access to cielo24’s services across languages. VerbalizeIt transcribes and captions cielo24’s videos to open their content up to new audiences around the world.