Delivering Quality Video Translation

Did you know that every month, YouTube alone has more than a billion unique visits and more than six billion hours of videos watched? Put in micro-terms, that’s 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute. What’s most eye catching is that 70 percent of YouTube traffic comes from outside the United States and YouTube isn’t alone.

We’ve been helping companies transcribe and translate video since we launched our business over a year ago. One of our very first clients (which continues to be a client today) was ceilo24. Here’s a graphic showing how we’ve helped ceilo24:

Simple is effective

cielo24 was looking to expand its searchable caption offerings to more people, more countries, and to more languages. While they excelled at creating searchable captions, indexes and transcripts, their services were limited by their language capabilities.

VerbalizeIt’s Solution

Today, cielo24 and VerbalizeIt work together to leverage VerbalizeIt’s vast network of interpreters and give individuals and businesses access to cielo24’s services across languages.

cielo24 Today

In partnership with VerbalizeIt, cielo24 was able to quickly extend our high speed, high quality and low cost native language captioning service to include eight additional lanugages. Brian Plackis Cheng, CEO of cielo24, Inc

Our Customers Use Verbalize It For Video To

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