Earning Understanding: Knowing Your Market and Embracing Their Language

Industry: Of the Top 15 nationalities traveling to the US in 2011, 12 of them come from countries where English is not the primary language:

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For many decades, our economies revolved around buying locally and buying from people we knew. We knew who grew our food, baked our bread, and made our clothing. The industrial revolution, global supply chains, and the internet, have forced companies to rethink their growth strategy—their survival strategy.

Yet, even amidst all of this globalization, our universal desire to trust those we are buying from remains strong. It can be argued, that in our hyper-connected world the demand for trust and transparency is returning us to centuries past when we expected to know whom we were buying from. Common Sense Advisory’s (CSA) report, Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: Why Language Matters on Global Websites showed that seventy-two-percent of consumers say they would be more likely to buy a product with information in their own language. CSA also states that fifty-six-percent of consumers say that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price.

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This means that companies looking to simultaneously reach global markets and build trusting relationships with consumers must focus on earning understanding with new suppliers and new consumers. The first step in this process is to understand their language. The next step is to understand how they perceive your language. The final step is gain senior leadership support to embrace approaching emerging markets by eliminating language barriers both externally and internally.

At VerbalizeIt we can help you though each stage of this process. With access to a community of 10,000+ translators, we offer the highest level interpretation for all of your business needs. Using human interpreters allows you to get the real meaning behind each exchange, while our technical integration allows for seamless partnerships between VerbalizeIt and your company. Alongside our quality, we offer our services at a price point that your company can integrate on every scale. Learn more about how your business and VerbalizeIt can work together as you move into emerging markets.

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