Delivering Enterprise Translation at New York Enterprise Technology Meetup

Last night we were fortunate enough to present to the New York Enterprise Technology Meetup Community at Cooley’s Offices here in New York City.  After seeing some impressive demos from CrowdProcess, nodejitsu, bitglass, our COO and co-founder, Kunal Sarda walked the audience through the VerbalizeIt platform and demoed our professional video transcription and translation work with Vimeo.

Enterprise Translation

Below are a series of questions we received from the audience around enterprise translation, and how our translation platform works, and how we ensure quality translations.

Q: What kind of a marketplace are you?
A:  We are a curated marketplace of vetted translators and interpreters working in a quality-controlled environment. By setting the marketplace parameters, we can also set an equitable price and deliver quality translation work to all of our clients.

Q: How do you ensure and guarantee enterprise translation confidentiality?
A: On the translator side, we have NDAs that ensure confidentiality and our technology platform does not allow for copying and pasting. On the customer side, we also sign NDAs and ensure that all of our communications and projects are treated with the highest-level of confidentiality.

Q: How do you segment videos? Have you considered segmenting videos by voice?
A: We currently segment videos by timestamp and are working on segmenting videos by voice.

Q: How did you create such a robust translator and interpreter community?
A: We built our translator and interpreter community through hard work, word-of-mouth referrals, and a translator appreciation program that rewards translators for referring their peers to VerbalizeIt.

Q: Do you offer incentives for translators to keep up quality?
A: Yes. Our translators operate in a 360-degree feedback loop from VerbalizeIt community leadership, customers and continuous testing is used to ensure that we differentially reward the highest-quality translators, train high potential translators, and move out poor-performers. The result is a system with a high bar to entry, and one where the quality of our community consistently grows over time.

Q: Do you have translator feedback mechanism is in place?
A: Yes, absolutely. All of our translators are reviewed after every project both by clients and an expert translator. Our expert translators judge on speed, quality and contextual understanding and our clients judge on context, quality, and effectiveness.

Big shout out to the good folks at Work-Bench for running such an awesome event!

-The VerbalizeIt Team

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about our services and how we can help you engage with international customers, you can contact us today.

P.P.S. Here’s a quick video we made to address some of these questions and to convey how we help companies of all shapes and sizes go global.

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