Exposure for Good: How We’re Helping Children International

As a global translation organization, we are constantly looking for ways to break down language barriers to help people connect. When we had the opportunity to be featured on the season finale of ABC’s Shark Tank, a show that draws seven million viewers each episode, we wanted to make sure that we made the most of our opportunity, not only in business but also for the global community we are all part of.

We believe strongly that people matter. Our company runs on a community of more than 7,500 translators and interpreters all over the world. We approached Children International to share our exposure from the show and were thrilled when they said they would participate in our campaign, as some of the largest blocks between sponsors and the children they support are language barriers. Removing language barriers allows for deeper connection between a sponsor and their sponsored child. 

To celebrate our television appearance, we launched the #FoundinTranslation Campaign encouraging visitors to sign up for VerbalizeIt (it is free) and trigger an anonymous donation to Children International. Users may also submit a photo of where they’d like to go in the world. By entering a photo and receiving the most votes, you could win a trip to anywhere around the globe. 

Going into the show’s airing, we had no idea how much traffic would come to our website or how many people would sign up. We were pleasantly surprised. We had more than 20,000 people sign up for VerbalizeIt, which triggered a $20,000 donation to Children International, and sign-ups are still rolling in.

We’d like to encourage Children International supporters to enter the #FoundinTranslation Campaign by signing up, submitting a photo, and generating a donation to Children International. By entering, you support Children International and VerbalizeIt while ensuring that language never gets in the way of you and the people and places you care about.


Kunal Sarda, Co-founder and COO of VerbalizeIt .

VerbalizeIt recently appeared in the New York Times. Read the full article on the Times’s Website here. 

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