#FoundinTranslation Friday: “Devil’s Bridge” Roman Aqueduct in Tarragona, Spain

“Devil’s Bridge” is a Roman aqueduct made from pink stone found just outside the city of Tarragona, Spain.

Devil's Bridge

Less famous than its French cousin Pont du Gard, but just as beautiful, this complex monument is actually called “Les Ferreres’, but is commonly known as “Ponte del Diablo” (Devil’s Bridge).

Ponte Del Diablo

Like its French cousin, Devil’s Bridge is inexplicably invisible from far away, despite its size. To get there you need to take the road that goes from the center of the city towards Valls a Lleida, just 4km (2.5 miles) outside Tarragona, Spain. You’ll come across an old sign indicating to veer to the right to reach the site. Pay attention, the exit is immediately after a flyover and it’s almost impossible to manage to turn off at the right time. If you don’t manage to turn off in time (which is what happened to us) you have to take a long detour to do a U-turn and then try to turn off again at the same point!! (You can only access the park from the road when leaving the city.)

Visiting the perfectly preserved Devil’s Bridge aqueduct is completely free.

It’s inside a park and it’s only a two minute walk to the arches.

In ancient times Tarragona was the Spanish nerve center and was much more important than near-by Barcelona.

The via Augusta (Augusta road) passed through here and in fact the wonderful triumphal arch “Arc de Bará” is 12.5 miles north of the city. Even to this day the coastline perfectly traces the Roman road, so much so that traffic still went through the arch until a short time ago when a roundabout was built around it, as you can see in the photo below.

The Romans left their mark on Tarragona in many ways, including the marvelous amphitheater, but we’ll talk about this wonderful and little-known city another time.


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