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April is here an we have a new look. Here’s a quick rundown of our why our new site looks different and how some of our new clients are using our new free translation quote tool.

We designed our new website with you in mind. All you need to do is upload a file, get a quote, and start translating anything. It’s that easy. Try it for yourself and take a look below at how companies like, Estée Lauder,, CORT Furniture, and TripAdvisor are growing globally through our translation services.

Try Our Free Translation Quote Tool

Now you can upload a document, your website, your app, your video or audio files, or request a live interpretation faster than ever.

Document Translation Quote

Below is a list of some of our new clients and how they’re using our new translation tools to grow their businesses. Our mission is to help you do the same. Try out our new platform and get an instant quote right now!-The VerbalizeIt Team

Here’s a list of companies that have used our free translation quote tool and are now loyal VerbalizeIt customers

Translating Video for Estée Lauder

We’re localizing videos for Estée Lauder to help preserve their brand in new markets around the globe. Learn more about our media transcription and translation services

Video Translation Quote

Translating Customer Requests for via Our API

We’re teaming up with to translate their client’s customer tickets through our translation API. Test out our API

Translation API

Adding Live Interpretation to CORT Furniture’s Shop Floors

We’re supplying Berkshire Hathaway’s CORT Furniture with live interpretation to improve their multinational customer service. Learn more about how our live interpretation works

Live Interpretation Quote Tool

Translating Documents for TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor needed to translate their HR policies into multiple languages for their 2,100 global employees. We delivered TripAdvisor’s HR policies across multiple languages. Learn more about our document translation services

Document Translation Quote Tool


Test out our new free translation quote tool today and see how we stack up!

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