Free Translation Starter Packs for Startups


Techstars is the #1 startup accelerator in the world and has helped launch nearly 300 startups globally.


Techstars provides seed funding from over 75 top venture capital firms and angel investors who are vested in the success of your startup, as well as intense mentorship from hundreds of the best entrepreneurs in the world. With programs in Boston, Boulder, Chicago, New York City, Seattle, London, and Austin and up to a $118K investment in each company, TechStars remains the world’s top accelerator.

TechStars’ Challenge

With hundreds of software companies and accelerator programs around the world, Techstars has a global reach. The Techstars community is renowned for giving back to other startups in the community through the Techstars perks program but had yet to offer translation services.

VerbalizeIt’s Solutions: Free Translation Starter Packs for Startups

VerbalizeIt is giving back to the Techstars community by offering a free translation starter pack for startups looking to translate their mobile app store description, Crunchbase profile, or LinkedIn profile. This will allow Techstars companies and other startups to test new markets, engage with new audiences, and build new customer relationships in any language.