Get Agile or Get Lapped

As co-founder and CEO of VerbalizeIt, my job is to ensure that language is never a barrier to communication.  To do this, I match the needs of international businesses with our amazing community of translators. The results are real and tangible. We enable companies to expand internationally, better support their global customer-base and acquire new sources of revenue.

In a nutshell, my job is to understand the key trends that are driving major business decisions and work with these companies to support their critical business objectives. Over the last several months, we’ve noticed an important trend in how businesses are approaching the simultaneous increase in international commerce and language barriers. Specifically, by getting ahead of the competition with human-powered translation solutions, businesses are prospering by leveraging language barriers to their advantage.

When we first launched, many of our new clients were coming to us looking for a solution that would enable them to drive down the costs of translation while improving the quality, scalability and flexibility that they were accustomed to receiving.

While this is certainly still the case, we’re seeing more and more businesses avoid the pitfalls of language barriers and long-term inflexible contracts by shifting their business to more agile organizations.

These companies are capitalizing on the growing need for flexible translation solutions to support their existing customers and to acquire new international customers. Businesses are doing what they’re supposed to – listening to their customers and tailoring responses and solutions to meet their needs. Those who haven’t considered how language barriers can affect client relationships are being left in the dust. A recent conversation I had with one executive summarized the trend well: “We’re going international and engaging with an entirely new set of customers once formerly out of reach. We’ve got first mover advantage and our competition is scrambling to play catch-up.”

We love following these new trends not only because they validate our business but also because they allow us to level the playing field and provide jobs to thousands of translators around the globe.


Ryan Frankel is CEO and Co-Founder of VerbalizeIt. You can follow him on Twitter @rvfrankel and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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