Globalization drives the need for professional translation services

When it comes to connecting with clients, employees and partners from around the globe, communication is key. Thankfully, business owners don’t need to be able to speak several languages to effectively reach a global audience, as translation services can lead to smoother communication between your business and its constituents.

As U.S.-based companies continue to expand their business across the globe, the need for high-quality translation soars. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis, multinational companies employed more than 34.5 million people in the world in 2011, illustrating the need for businesses to adopt a comprehensive strategy when communicating across the borders.

Hiring an in-house translator may be an effective solution for some, but companies looking to share documents, emails and written content with business professionals across the globe should look into a translation service that can quickly – and efficiently – break down language barriers between employees and partners from a diverse set of cultures.

“Translation services can quickly – and efficiently – break down language barriers between employees and partners from a diverse set of cultures..”

Improving communication between executives

Using professional translation services is a great way to communicate with business executives from companies in other countries. Quality translation can open doors when interacting with international investors or sparking a new relationship with a global firm, as it can not only enable your businesses to speak more fluidly, but it can prevent miscommunications from hampering your transaction.

The Economist Intelligence Unit recently conducted a survey examining how cross-cultural communication affected business, finding that companies may glean a financial gain when placing a greater emphasis on quality international communication. According to the survey, 49 percent of respondents indicated that misunderstandings have caused financial setbacks for major international transactions.

Moreover, the survey found that the collaboration between U.S. and international executives was crucial for improving the financials of all companies involved. Businesses that partnered with companies in different countries experienced greater growth, noting both improved employee performance and financial gains. Professional translation services are crucial for fostering such relationships, as they can provide a platform for more fluid information flow between companies.

Finding ways to adapt your content for an international market is crucial for your brand.

Staying on top of your cultural knowledge

Partnering with businesses from other countries presents an exciting opportunity for corporate executives. International companies offer valuable insight for U.S.-based executives, as these corporations often operate within different cultures that can expand business owners’ knowledge of their global audience – or give them a clue as to how they may further reach consumers living in different countries.

Garnering a greater understanding of your consumers’ diverse cultures, practices and languages can help you to develop a targeted marketing strategy. Business owners should become familiar with the region they’re looking to target, whether they’re hoping to expand their global consumer base or partner with international companies. Using a translation service to adapt your content – such as your website, social networks and communication formats – can further establish your business as a leader in the international market by tailoring communications for a global audience.

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