Hear How TextUs.Biz Uses VerbalizeIt to Connect with International Customers

TextUs.Biz is a Boulder Colorado-based company that provides a robust browser and mobile application-based text messaging platform.

After seeing VerbalizeIt’s Techstars Demo Day presentation, TextUs.Biz began using the VerbalizeIt iPhone application to converse with potential international customers.

Below is an excerpt from a REAL VerbalizeIt call between TextUs.Biz co-founder Ted Guggenheim and a Spanish-speaking potential customer with a VerbalizeIt interpreter facilitating the conversation (call audio used with permission):

It’s easy to see (and hear) how utilizing VerbalizeIt can help you effortlessly expand your customer base internationally.
When asked if he would recommend VerbalizeIt to other businesses, Ted offered a quick, “Absolutely…Big fan.” To learn more about how VerbalizeIt can help your business, visit VerbalizeIt.com.

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