Here’s why I came to Washington, D.C. to push for immigration reform

The following post is a message our co-founder and COO, Kunal Sarda, shared with the community today.

My name is Kunal Sarda, and this week I’m joining in Washington, D.C. — along with over 600 other immigration reform supporters — to tell Congress why reform is important for this country.

In 2011, I co-founded the company VerbalizeIt to help people in need of translation services to connect with human translators from all over the world.

As a first generation immigrant to the U.S., I personally experienced how a clear immigration pathway allowed me to innovate and create a job not just for myself, but also for 14,000 other individuals in the U.S.

Unfortunately, I see hundreds of immigrant entrepreneurs, much smarter and more capable than me, who cannot pursue their innovations due to our outdated immigration system.

This is why I am in D.C. working to convince the leaders of our country that immigration reform will help move us forward.

But I can’t do it alone.

Help me make the case to Congress and call a key representative in support of immigration reform today.

Passing immigration reform is crucial to our continued prosperity because immigrants like me play a key role in the economic health of the U.S.

In fact, just in New York over 31% of businesses are owned by immigrants, generating an annual total of $12.6 billion in business income.

Similarly, creating a path to citizenship and expanding the high-skilled visa program would add more than $2.9 billion to New York’s economy in 2014.

Call Congress

It’s clear that immigrants are critical to our economy. That’s why, without reform, America could lose its competitive advantage in the world as other countries capitalize on our mistakes.

The strongest asset of the U.S. economy is its people, and we can keep it that way by modernizing our immigration system.

Call a key representative today in support of immigration reform.

Kunal Sarda

B Wbio Photo Kunalsarda

P.S. If you don’t have time to call a representative in Washington, D.C., take a moment to tweet at them instead and say that you’re #Ready4Reform.

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