How to Navigate Legal Translations and Reach More Customers

In this issue, you’ll find: legal, travel, global, LSP and immigration reform insights from VerbalizeIt. In addition, we’re sharing our recent live interpretation success story with Berkshire Hathaway’s CORT Furniture. See how they’re using VerbalizeIt to reach new customers in their hundreds of stores nationwide.

Expand Your Language Service Provider

As always, thank you for continuing to help us break through language barriers,

-The VerbalizeIt Team

Translate Your Legal Documents

VerbalizeIt’s network of specialized translators and interpreters combine the necessary blend of legal expertise and localized knowledge to deliver accurate and timely legal translation at scale. VerbalizeIt’s offers include: e-discovery, document review, and customized support for managing workflow at a competitive price point for any law firm. Learn more

Traveling the World Without Language Barriers

We’ve spent the last year disrupting the travel industry by delivering real-time access to thousands of human translators globally. This November we’ll be presenting to 13,000 attendees at the PhocusWright Travel Innovation Summit. If you’re attending too or want to know about our travel offerings, let us know!

Forbes: Three Ways To Appeal To A Global Market

When it comes to the characteristics that matter most — namely emotions, local customs and terminology — computer solutions overlook the most important fact in a global economy: humans still matter. With that in mind, here are three things your company can do right now to make sure you stop missing the billions of people who do not speak English and start growing your business.

Expand Your Language Service Provider

Language service providers (LSP) come to us all the time looking for ways to partner with our community and use our technology. We help LSPs add capacity, add new offerings, and leverage new technologies. Our mission is to break language barriers around the world, see how helping LSPs furthers our mission.

VerbalizeIt Teams up with

We’re proud to announce that we’re partnering with to help move immigration reform forward. As a member of our community, we’re asking you to support comprehensive immigration reform by asking Congress to follow the Senate’s lead and fix our nation’s broken immigration system today. This is an issue near and dear to our co-founder Kunal Sarda’s heart and we’d greatly appreciate it if you lent your support. Join us!

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