How To Translate and Localize Your Mobile App

When you’re ready to translate and localize your mobile app, it’s important that you keep two critical items in mind: content and knowledge. Your content and knowledge are what make up your app and ensuring that your translation vendor is both capable of translating your app’s content (in context) and storing your app’s knowledge is critical for both the short-term and long-term success of your app.

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What content should be localized…

Descriptions and keywords must be correctly translated and content must be adapted to meet the requirements of a foreign market. Customers are significantly more likely to engage with your app if it’s in their native language. VerbalizeIt allows you to easily localize your app by uploading and translating:

• App store information.
• Description, Metadata, Keywords
• Launch tips, Local payment systems, Push notifications, Privacy policy, etc
• Style guide and glossary, and localize screen shots.
• Strings or XML files

Not all translation was created equal… 

Just as every culture is made up of specific customs, laws and traditions, every language also holds specialized rules. Specific language and cultural translations must be done on a country-by-country basis and require an intimate knowledge of the language, customs, and cultural biases of the regional audience. Professional, accurate, specialized translation is key for the sale of apps in the foreign market it is intended for.

Technology & sophistication…

With frequent releases and updates, the technology and platform of a translation provider is critical to long-term value and success. Translation memory and comprehensive understanding of the deliverables are key to streamlining app updates without breaking the bank.

With app stores in more than 150 countries and a worldwide user base, mobile app technology is a truly global business with unprecedented international potential. If you think everyone in these markets speaks English, think again. In 8 of the 10 largest iPhone and Android markets, English is not the predominant language.


Why app developers choose VerbalizeIt…

With access to the most sophisticated translator network as well as intimate knowledge of the app development arena we’re a trustworthy partner with professional quality services. Here’s why:
  • Translator community – With 16,000+ professionals located in 150 countries, advanced specialized expertise to address any language and industry focus with a native specialist.
  • Quality assurance – Each translation is completed by a tested translator, checked by a community leader, and verified by VerbalizeIt staff for quality before being finalized and delivered to the client.
  • Technology platform – Full workflow integration with our API and extensive file format support. Translation memory for cost savings. 
  • Professional services – Comprehensive and supplementary services for internationalizing customer service and support.

Meet VerbalizeIt: The World’s First Human-Powered Translation Service from VerbalizeIt on Vimeo.

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