How We Translate Documents

Our document translation process is clear and confidential. It consists of four steps combined with our dedicated translation technology. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: VerbalizeIt leverages proprietary technology to deconstruct documents into translation units. These units are deconstructed yet again in sub-units and distributed to specific translators in the global community, based on the language pair, industry expertise, geographic location and any other needs the translation request is tagged with.

Step 2: Our translators view the units in their browser where they can make adjustments and never have to download anything.

Step 3: Each unit is then translated, sent to a qualified reviewer and then aggregated back into original document’s format by our proprietary technology.

Step 4: Your translated document is delivered within a timeframe and at a price point that ensures your business never misses a beat (in any language). 

Here’s what the final product looks like. You upload an file in the language of your choosing. Here’s an English example:

Verbalize It's Services In English

We then take those files, create units, and share them with our highly-qualified translator community at which point they translate the files into the language requested. We then pull them back together. Here’s a French example:

Verbalize It Services In French

That’s it. You can learn more about how to translate your text files here or sign up to get started.

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