For situations where people need to speak on the phone or face-to-face, VerbalizeIt’s interpreters are just a phone call away.

Interpretation Services

You Select a Language Pair

We offer professional interpretation services in the world’s most popular languages.

Find an Interpreter

We Find an Interpreter

We match you up directly to the most appropriate interpreter.

Communicate in Any Language

You Communicate in Any Language

Communicate to anyone, anywhere, any time in any language!

Access our interpreters by telephone, mobile app, Skype or a browser. We help you…

Expand Your Translation Offerings

Expand communication offerings


Provide culturally sensitive communications


Strengthen international business tractions


“VerbalizeIt has allowed us to internationalize our call center operations in a seamless and cost-efficient manner.” –Renee Pershall, Director of Business Development at CORT Furniture, A Berkshire Hathaway Company

Live Interpretation Case Studies


CORT Furniture Translation
See how we’re helping Berkshire Hathaway’s CORT Furniture added a VerbalizeIt live interpretation to their shop floors.
Skype Translation Learn how we can add a VerbalizeIt live interpreter into any Skype call anywhere in the world.

Our customers use our interpretation services to…

Connect with a VerbalizeIt interpreter while traveling around the world

Connect with a Translator

Expand their call centers capabilities with non-English speaking customers

Expand your translation call center

Improve their customer service with clients who speak different language

Improve international customer service

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Translate Your App & Grow Your Business

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How to translate your mobile app. Translating your mobile app will grow your business.

Learn How to Interpret Emerging Markets

Why translating today will give you the competitive edge tomorrow

Interpreting Emerging Markets

How to Take Your Growing Business Global

Ninety-six percent of the world’s consumers live outside the U.S.

How to Take Your Growing Business Global


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