How Translation Glossaries Work

We’re proud to announce that we now support the use of customer translation glossaries for use in our text translation services to help our customers save time and money.

Translation Glossaries

Customers can now create a translation glossary to include domain specific terminology, along with the desired translation in one or more languages. If a translation glossary is attached to a translation task, our translators will ensure to incorporate these terms correctly when performing their translations.

Translation glossaries can be created and managed from the VerbalizeIt customer dashboard and can be used from as little as one translation task to hundreds. Our crowdsourced model allows you to scale at the rate that best fits your business needs.

Translation glossary files must be uploaded in a simple .csv (comma separated value) format, and can be easily created using Microsoft Excel (export as .csv), or even in a basic text editor.

Here’s an example of glossary file in practice:

Glossary Demo

(Glossary file example download)

If you’re ready to translate your text files into multiple languages sign up today or contact us to learn more.

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