Italian to English: This Week’s Interpreter Spotlight with Marina Rasulo.


Marina is an Italian, French, and English interpreter based in Italy.

Damla: Hi Marina, thank you for sitting down with me today. We’re excited to share your story with the VerbalizeIt community. To start, could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Marina: I’m excited to be here! At the moment, I own and run a bed and breakfast in Naples, Italy
After graduating with a degree in architecture in 1999, I started my professional career as an architect and as a translator almost simultaneously.
In fact, while I was working at my PhD course and thesis in civil engineering, I found out that most Italian university professors could not speak or write any English. Thus, I started translating for them, helping them with international conference proceedings and such. Consequently, my career as a translator started in a very academic environment!
Later on I started translating at a wider scale, as a freelancer for translation agencies all around the world, which I still do and love!
In the meantime I became an adjunct professor in Italian public high schools. I’m happy to say that my professional life is pretty varied and vivacious!

Damla: That’s quite a history you have. How did you end up where you are now?

Marina: I studied very hard: I graduated cum laude in architecture in 1999 and received my PhD in civil engineering in 2003.Besides my academic career, I passed several exams to become a teacher in Italian high schools where I teach Technology, Constructions, Technical drawing and Art History. Moreover, I studied English and French at very high levels and thanks to my language skills I could travel all around Europe and half the world… alone or in company, I always know where I am!

Damla: It must be amazing to be able to travel without worrying about language barriers! How did you end up interpreting in the first place?

Marina: While I was living in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, I started working as an interpreter for Italian expatriates and business people that needed English interpretation. Back in Italy, I still continue this activity every now and again. For example, I was involved in a project with Parsons Transportation Company that built the bridge over Messina strait. Oftentimes my company needed English to Italian interpretations and translations. In this way, I got to do my professional work as an architect and translate!

Damla: It’s great that you can work with both of your passions at the same time. What do you do outside of interpreting now?

Marina: Beyond running my business, I love reading good older literature, listening to oldies, and watching classic movies.

Damla: Thank you so much for your time Marina, it has been great getting to know you and your story. I look forward to speaking with you soon!

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