Italian to English Translation and Getting #FoundinTranslation

Caleb And Nikki Caple

My name is Caleb Caple. I’m a VerbalizeIt Translator and the winner of the #FoundinTranslation campaign which allowed my family and me to take a trip to explore the world. We chose to go to Italy. Having learned Italian from Rosetta Stone and having lived in Italy before, it seemed like the natural choice. Here’s the story of our final (crazy) day on the way to Rome.


Today my wife (who’s seven months pregnant) left her purse on the train from Florence to Rome. To make matters worse, the train went all the way to Salerno. I went and told the police of the train station what happened and they got a hold of the train captain. After what seemed like the longest fifteen minutes of our lives, the train captain reported back that he found it and said he would send it back “pronto.” My wife and I hugged in excitement and the police smiled as they told us they would have the purse sent back from Naples to Florence, problem solved, or so we thought.

Exedra Boscolo Hotel

(Here’s a pic of our hotel, “Exedra Boscolo” Hotel. We went swimming on the 5th floor, “siamo entrati nella piscina al quinto piano!”)

Since we were anxious to get her purse back, my wife joined me on the trek to the police station. When we arrived, they looked at me funny and said, “purse? What purse? We have not received a purse.” They thought I was crazy for asking! Frustrated and tired, we decided to take the tram back to downtown and spare my wife from walking even more.

When we arrived back at the hotel dejected and exhausted, the concierge called us over and told us that the purse arrived at the original train station in Rome. My wife and I looked at each other in astonishment we couldn’t believe how much our luck had turned!

As for the morale of the story: Even in Italy, when everyone is speaking Italian, things still manage to get lost in translation (luckily I spoke the language). As for the lasting morale of the story: If your wife is feeling tired, take her to the Coliseum in Rome and let her rest after eating Italian gelato 🙂


Italian Gelato

P.S. Here’s a slide show of our trip.

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