Making a Splash at the New York Tech Meetup

Last night we were lucky enough to present to nearly 1,000 tech enthusiast at the New York Tech Meetup. We introduced VerbalizeIt and demoed our platform on stage to a highly-engaged audience.

Verbalize It At Nytm

We then followed up with an offer to mobile app developers to translate their app descriptions for free. After a flurry of signups and Twitter activity, we made our way onto the stage with Digital Ocean and Collaborizm to field questions from the audience.

Nytm Q&A

After reiterating to the crowd that our company is VerbalizeIt, not the “translation guys” we headed off stage to enjoy the rest of the show and start translating a lot of mobile apps.

Nytm Q&A 2

Learn more about our mobile app translation offer at: 

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