Measure the performance of your translated site with these 3 tools

Using professional translation services to convert your website or app into a new language is a great way to expand the reach of your business and find a new audience of potential customers. However, after translating your Web presence, it can be difficult to see exactly how this investment has benefited your business.

Use these three tools to follow the most important indicators for your website’s and app’s successes to understand exactly how translation helps your online brand.

“Observe the benefits of translation with these tools.”

1. Google Analytics  
Google Analytics is an online tool from the search engine giant that can help you measure the most important metrics about your website. It allows you to see how long people are spending on the site, what they’re clicking on, how quickly they leave and what people are looking for. Google Analytics also lets you see where people are visiting your site from, allowing you to better use targeted localization translations.

You can use Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of your site in English and in another language by comparing the data. With translation, you’ll likely see a boost in several important metrics among the population group you’re looking to attract. This online tool also lets you set up multiple dashboards so you can monitor your sites quickly and easily at a glance.

2. Optimizely 
Optimizely is a software company that lets businesses test websites and apps to see how effective they are. Through A/B testing, Optimizely allows business owners to see what type of difference a site change, such as translating, has on the bottom line. Additionally, companies can use this service to see exactly how users are navigating through the site. This can help discover any areas of concern to reengineer to give users the best possible experience.

Use Web tools to learn how to optimize your Web presence.Use Web tools to learn how to optimize your Web presence.

Use this on your service to compare your old site with the new translated one and view any areas where your new users could use help navigating.

3. Feedback management tools 
Companies like 
Qualaroo, Usabilla or OpinionLab provide the tools for users to quickly and easily give you feedback through your website or app. You can invest in a dozen different analytics tools, but there’s no one who can tell you what’s working better than your own users.

There’s a science to getting optimal and useful feedback. Provide users suggestions of helpful feedback, consider a multiple choice or rating system and allow room for comments. Additionally, you’re likely to see higher participation with some sort of incentive.

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