Media Math’s clients include every major agency holding company, operating agency and top brands like American Express, General Mills, Prudential & Kayak

MediaMath uses data to understand consumer behavior and identify opportunities. They translate those insights into integrated marketing strategies across channels, with clear and measurable goals.

MediaMath’s Challenge

MediaMath faced a large complex Japanese to English translation filled with legal and industry specific language. They were also under a time sensitive deadline to deliver work for a client.

VerbalizeIt’s Solutions

VerbalizeIt’s community of Japanese translators rose to the challenge. MediaMath’s work was uploaded to the VerbalizeIt platform, securely distributed to the global translator base, and reassembled for review in less than 48 hours. The result: a high-quality Japanese translation vetted by qualified Japanese translators and delivered on time.

MediaMath Today

“With VerbalizeIt’s help, we’re able to eliminate language barriers in expanding the reach of our marketing operating technology. This enables us to gain new insights into new consumers all over the world.” -Brian Miller, General Counsel, MediaMath