Make your media content infinitely more searchable, accessible and engaging for a global audience with VerbalizeIt’s human- powered captions and subtitles.

media translation

We connect you to thousands of qualified and vetted translators, profiled extensively based on geography, industry expertise and demographics.

quality media translation

“Of four billion videos viewed every day, more than sixty percent come from people whose primary language is not English.” -YouTube

We distribute audio-video files to translators to transcribe and translate and deliver the highest-quality media translation. We help you…

Translation Recording

Record secondary language audio tracks for videos

Video Transcription

Transcribe and translate video dialog for subtitles


Record phrases for language learning and travel apps


Media Translation Case Studies


Estee Lauder Video Translation
See how we’re helping Estee Lauder translate their video files.

Cielo24 Video Caption Translation

See how we’re helping Cielo24 expand their transcription services.

Use our audio and video translation services to…


Generate international marketing and sales materials


Enhance international employee engagement


Improve international sales training and customer service



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Translate Your App & Grow Your Business

We are in the midst of a mobile app explosion. Find out how you can benefit

How to translate your mobile app. Translating your mobile app will grow your business.

Learn How to Interpret Emerging Markets

Why translating today will give you the competitive edge tomorrow

Interpreting Emerging Markets

How to Take Your Growing Business Global

Ninety-six percent of the world’s consumers live outside the U.S.

How to Take Your Growing Business Global


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