Meet Bryce, VerbalizeIt’s VP of Engineering

Bryce Headshot

Bryce has been an entrepreneur and technologist his entire career. At age 24, he founded his first official startup in the healthcare research space. Since then, he has been the technical co-founder or early employee of five startup companies. Bryce has significant experience in building and leading technology teams in e-commerce, business intelligence and marketing & advertising. Bryce was most recently employee #1 at The Clymb, an e-commerce company specializing in providing flash sale merchandise for outdoor enthusiasts. He single-handedly built and supported the original platform for the company that grew to $10M in top line sales in 18 months. The company now has a nine-figure valuation. When not programming or reading about programming, Bryce enjoys the outdoors. When it’s cold, he’s usually skiing and when it’s warm, he’s usually camping with his wife, young daughter and border collie.

Welcome to the team Bryce!

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