Meet Kerstin: VerbalizeIt’s Featured French, German and Spanish Translator

Our community is real. It is full of real people working in real time towards one real goal; breaking down language barriers. We routinely interview some of our best translators and longest standing community members who truly understand the nuances of human interpretation. This week Damla, our awesome Community Manager, interviewed Kerstin.

Damla: We’d love to hear a little bit about your professional and personal background, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Kerstin: Surely! I am a professional freelance translator and mainly translate texts from French (and sometimes also English) into my mother tongue: German, but I also speak Spanish.

Damla: It sounds like you keep very busy, how did you get involved in this line of work?
Kerstin: Due to my professional experience in the hotel industry (I have been working for several luxury hotels in Paris, France), I’m a real expert for everything related to the travel and tourism industries.

Damla: One last question, what makes VerbalizeIt a good fit for you?
Kerstin: I have always been fascinated with languages. VerbalizeIt seems to be a perfect opportunity to use my translation skills with my service skills. Having been a member of a highly customer-oriented hotel reservation service for several years, I have a keen ear for customer needs.

We often talk about how we have more than 3,500 translators in the VerbalizeIt community who live in more than 75 different countries and collectively speak more than 60 languages. Each one of those translators is a human being (not a robot) with real stories and an ability to understand human interaction. Join us on Facebook to read more Translator Stories.

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