Meet Rose: VerbalizeIt’s Featured Spanish Translator

Exciting times here at VerbalizeIt! From media coverage in Entrepreneur Magazine and the LA Times to on-boarding new translators and team members we’re finding new ways to break down language barriers every day. And we couldn’t do it without you. Your desire to explore the world and help people connect motivates us everyday. Thank you (we mean it :) ).

-The VerbalizeIt Team

News: “Say What?” VerbalizeIt in Entrepreneur

One stomachache. One language barrier. One life-changing event. That’s how VerbalizeIt started. “While on a trip to China, [Ryan] Frankel fell ill and was unable to express his needs to a pharmacist. It was ‘one of those moments where you’d do anything to have someone who could communicate on your behalf,’ says Frankel, who serves as CEO of VerbalizeIt.” Read Ryan’s full story in Entrepreneur Magazine

Happenings: Spreading the VerbalizeIt Love!

This time of year we are inundated with different ways to share our love. Chocolates make our mouths water, flowers make our homes smell of spring, and jewelry captures our vision. Have we forgotten the power of words?

This February, we’re giving away the greatest gift, the ability to say, “I love you” to anyone anywhere. Why? Because we believe language should never be a barrier to any conversation, particularly when saying, “I love you.” Learn how to “verbalize your love” in five languages here.

Human Voices, Human Stories: Meet Rosalie

We often talk about how we have more than 3,000 translators in the VerbalizeIt community. Each one of those translators is a human being (not a robot) with real stories and an ability to understand human interaction. Rosalie, was born and raised in Germany and when her family got the chance to move to the US in 2011 they took it without hesitation. “Being part of VerbalizeIt-family has been awesome. I can keep up on my German, connect with other bilingual speakers, refine my translation skills and earn real income all at the same time!” says Rosalie. Join us on Facebook to read more Translator Stories.

Travel Tip: “Staying Healthy While Traveling”

Did you know, “Half of Americans traveling two weeks or more out of the country will become ill, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?” The LA Times recently featured VerbalizeIt in their article, “Staying Healthy While Traveling” along with a series of other health-related websites and apps that offer everything from first-aid tips to lists of doctors and hospitals. Thinking about traveling? We recommend reading the full article.

VerbalizeIt: Free to Start, Free to Follow

When you sign up for VerbalizeIt we give you five free minutes, on the house, no questions asked. It’s important to us that you never see language as a barrier to connecting with someone else. We’re giving away minutes to our followers on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Follow along and get to know us.

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