Never Be Lost in Translation Again

This is a guest post by Chris Sexton of  TripCase

Trip Case And Verbalize It Integration

If you’ve ever had the privilege of traveling to a new country, you may have experienced one of those “lost in translation” moments. I know I have.

I can remember back in September 2000, and I first achieved international traveler status that brought forth all the excitement around a new culture, new language, foreign land, new foods and risk of the unknown (nevermind it was 50 miles north of Minnesota for a long weekend fishing trip in Canada). For most globe trekkers, the idea of logistics in an unfamiliar land, is part of the challenge and adventure. However, there can be frustrating moments in global travel when you say to yourself, “I wish I had a translator for this quick conversation.” It could be translations help with a taxi cab driver, server at a restaurant or medical advice at a pharmacy.

As you begin making your international travel plans for 2014, we have great news you might appreciate. TripCase has partnered with an exciting new company called VerbalizeIt. Yes, it’s that same name mentioned on the last season of Shark Tank in 2013. They are bringing an “out there” concept to reality and making it easy to prepay via your phone for a human voice translator. Picture yourself in a frustrating situation needing translations help in Germany. You can simply access a human translator via VerbalizeIt (and your mobile phone) and give the phone to the native speaker to deliver the translated message.

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Good news for our travelers

TripCase travelers will find a message inside the app for adiscount on translation minutes. So if you’re travelling from the U.S. to Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Taiwan, and the UAE, look in the Tripfeed for a great new service to help make your trip experience a little better.

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