Pause. Reflect. Keep on. Repeat.

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of positive activity both here at VerbalizeIt and in my personal life. It’s not often that I pause and reflect on professional progress or personal accomplishments. I am the kind of person who gets caught up in the 18 hour work day required to start a business, while still pouring everything I have into being a good family member, friend and colleague. I do this by choice because I love tackling new initiatives and being around intelligent and supportive people. Today, I’m pausing to reflect before pressing on.

Ryan Frankel

In the last ten days, VerbalizeIt has been written up in the March edition of Entrepreneur Magazine
Inc. Magazine
USA Today
 and the LA Times
;  A stellar media week by anyone’s standards. Now we’re signing new business clients and preparing to launch new partnerships. We’re also using our New York City office to convene entrepreneurs and exchange ideas on how to ensure language is never a barrier between people. Our translators recognize how powerful our desire to eliminate language barriers is and not a day goes by where a member of our translator community doesn’t write us to share how VerbalizeIt is impacting their life for the better.

We often look at business achievements as separate from our personal lives. I’ve long believed that who you are at work bleeds into who you are outside of work and visa versa. On the heels of all of our momentum at VerbalizeIt, I got engaged to the most amazing person I know. I proposed to Erika nearly four years to the night when we first met after an evening out at our first two date spots. The experience was the pinnacle of our relationship to-date, but what truly excites me is having a best friend and soul mate by my side for life.

When I ran my Ironman triathlon, I remember crossing the finish line and thinking, “Wow, I did it, but did I really enjoy the year-long journey that I took to accomplish this goal?” At that moment I vowed to start enjoying the journey as much as or more than the end result. It’s only now that I’m standing by that commitment and taking a moment to pause, reflect, and appreciate the journey. What a wildly wonderful few weeks it has been.

Here’s to the future ahead.


Ryan Frankel is CEO and Co-Founder of VerbalizeIt. You can follow him on Twitter @rvfrankel and connect with him on LinkedIn.

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