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Vimeo video transcription and translation

Vimeo delivers the highest-quality video to internet viewers worldwide.

About Vimeo

Vimeo boasts more than 100 million visits every month and more than 70% of these people are from outside of the U.S. Here are a few stats about Vimeo:

  • 102 million viewers worldwide
  • 27 million viewers in the U.S.
  • 18 million members worldwide
  • 378.9 million videos viewed
  • 26.3% year over year global growth

Vimeo’s Challenge

With so many viewers globally, Vimeo faces language barriers in nearly every interaction with its customers. In 2014, Vimeo announced a $10M fund for filmmakers who distribute through Vimeo On Demand. Among other things, the fund is dedicated towards helping filmmakers reach global viewers through translation.

VerbalizeIt’s Solutions: Professional Video Transcription and Translation

Sriracha, the Movie! winner of the “Best Short Documentary” at the 2014 DisOrient Asian American Film Festival and recipient of numerous accolades from the San Francisco Chronicle, Quartz, New York Magazine and others, is one of the first documentaries to benefit from Vimeo’s On Demand services and dedicated funds. VerbalizeIt delivered transcription and translation into Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Thai and Vietnamese for Sriracha, the Movie! to help the film reach viewers across the globe.

Vimeo Today

Vimeo looks to VerbalizeIt to transcribe and translate their videos to continue their engagement with viewers in every corner of the globe. Sriracha, the product has earned a cult following, and Sriracha, the Movie! is reaching viewers who may not have tasted the Sriracha ever before but will now know their Sriracha story in their native language.

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