English to Spanish Live Interpretation Professional Alberto Orjuela

Member since July 26, 2014

I am a translator and interpreter and I love what I do.

I have been an English teacher, teacher trainer, language consultant, curriculum designer and department head at a couple of universities in Colombia. About 15 years ago, I found my vocation: translating from English to Spanish and vice versa.

I started working as a freelancer, later set up my own company. Tried my hand at business. Failed, and I am now back to what I do best – translation.

I was born in Bogotá, Colombia; but I grew up in New York, where I lived for 17 years.

After returning to my native country, and relearning the Spanish language, I can now say that I am truly bilingual in both English and Spanish. I am able to translate and interpret accurately, appropriately and concisely in both languages. I also have a broad, expressive vocabulary and excellent, in-depth knowledge of the grammatical nuances, quirks and rules of the target language.

Since I am a technology buff, I have specialized in the tech and IT areas. However, I have also enjoyed translating technical documents for the oil and gas industry, mining, health occupation and safety.

As a freelance translator, I work from home, where I have set up a comfortable studio equipped with a iMac running Leopard and a Windows emulation that allows me to run software designed for each operating system. I use voice recognition software, CAT tools, online glossaries, peer-to-peer consultation, and any tool that will expedite my work and increase accuracy. I have redundant broadband access and cloud storage to guarantee I will never lose my translation work.

I am adamant about punctuality and have only been late a total of 45 minutes in the past 15 years! Over the years, I have learned to respect and honor customer needs. In my opinion it is not only necessary to interpret with semantic accuracy, but also to capture the register, tone, and style of the original. I am also well aware of ethics and confidentiality issues.

All in all, translation is what I do best and what I enjoy most!




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